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Last Activity:
Apr 21, 2019
Jun 11, 2014


Active Member, Male

Inferno11114 was last seen:
Apr 21, 2019
    1. Dread stalker
      Dread stalker
      Im downloaded mathog arena and after playing 30min my warcraft crushed
    2. Dread stalker
    3. Ragnaros17
      2nd melee contest poll started, in the link you can (if you wish) download all the maps from the zip file, see them all and rate what do you think are the 5 best maps. If you donĀ“t have competitive melee knoledge, is okay, you can use other criteria like: enviroment, effort, map shape and others. The general public opinion is important to define 20% of the final score https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/melee-mapping-contest-2-poll.308814/
    4. Azsure
      I see you used my Death Grip model on your map, mind adding me to your credit list? :P
      1. Inferno11114
        It has been done my friend! Sorry bout that
        Aug 10, 2017
    5. Alur
      Hi Inferno,

      I just tried to play your latest Mathog's Arena. I was playing with one other friend. Unfortunately before we had finished each round we both got teleported back to the fountain area and the enemies in the arena were still running around. We could get back into the arena by pressing escape again but the same thing kept happening every round. Hope you can fix this because I've really been looking forward to this!!
    6. StoPCampinGn00b
      Hey dude, please state if your map is protected or not so I can vote for approval.
    7. StoPCampinGn00b
      Hey Inferno, check your map :D
      I'm terribly sorry about the waiting time, we just don't have enough of us in the map section to keep up with the upload rate.
    8. SeedinAethyr
      Welcome to the Hive Inferno11114!
      I hope you enjoy your stay here.
      Feel free to create a thread in the Introductions subforum of the Off-Topic forum to introduce yourself to the community.
      If there is anything you need, feel free to contact me.
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    Mathog's Arena
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    US West
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    Silver Hand
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