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    Paradise Lost v0.32

    I'm finding that no matter how hard i try, i never get them all in time. (2p) Maybe add more time? Also, once i found that an obelisk spawned in the water in an annoying bit surrounded by rocks. I could see it but it was out of range of My shamans. Also, I can never find enough items. Could...
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    i agree somewhat with sheep about the ability. If it has to be 10dmg, maybe add some other affect to the ability, like slows the enemy too. (pinning) or headshot (Lowchance-OMGDamage critical strike whil abilities on). A trigger to keep spawning MORE enemies would be nice too. I find that I end...
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    Grand Battle v2.06

    Bug - Luigi's super ability slows himself down, even before and after he casts it. It doesn't wear off. It can't be dispelled from him either, and when he dies, the effect is applied about a second after revival.
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    Whack a Human!

    please PM me when AI is added?
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    Paradise Lost v0.32

    Coolio. 4/5. Plz add more variety of native rebels please.
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    Fortress Siege - 1.78b

    Could you add a teleporter to get off walls? I love ladders, but the AI and defence cram themselves around them.
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    Life of a Peasant Ultimate v0.49

    Oh, you're right there. I've played countless LOAPS, looking for the best, although the original hasn't been booted from that position yet. Naruto LOAP, Cops and Robbers LOAP, LOAP Aftermath, LOAP Nerub, LOAP Deluxe edition, LOAP smiletown(sadly), LOAP 300(spartan), and ridiculously more...
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    Incoming! V1.90

    Only add water transport if you add some water to near the centre of the map. Also, I hope you put at least one new hero in the version after 1.71
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    Life of a Peasant Ultimate v0.49

    Not smiletown. Soz. Like I said, it was by (A) gurkengelee
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    Achievement TD v1.13

    PLEASE TELL ME?? I tried tower spamming, over gambling, typing spam repeatedly, and spamming the rally ability on the portal. Also, why can you get a gold bar when you play as the pandarian? you can't transfer it to the TD after you beat it.
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    Life of a Peasant Ultimate v0.49

    My god, you've made more loaps? :ugly: It was I LOAP I hosted, but your name, Gurkengelee, was shown on it. I apologize should it be someone using your account or name. I confused them because of T-s-G,s stupid commenting. WHAT DA HECK BE YOU TALKING ABOUT? Whatever map you thining of musta...
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    Life of a Peasant Ultimate v0.49

    With pleasure... I tested on bnet twice and three 'attempts' where noone else wanted to play or replay it. Here's feedback collected... Good Points (for once, not just my opinion, but a mass opinion by min. 12 ppl) [+] Fun new systems such as cooking [+] Sex system LOL Neutral points...
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    Grand Battle v2.06

    Someone Approve this map already! Could you just buff Naruto and Eneru? They both suck at the moment. Also, your using Sasuke's brother's model for Sasuke. Could do with some more variety of things to do such as more creeps, some uber creep with a good drop and/or gold reward...etc
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    Life of a Peasant Ultimate v0.49

    OMG. Another LOAP? And this one sucks compared to the beta of Stankynuggets' version. EPIC PHAIL!!! 1/5
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    Champion Crown Reserve - Rebirth

    True that. I think he meant before altering it, the original map was by BE. Even then, not worth replaying, not in my opinion. 2/5