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Feb 14, 2020 at 4:14 AM
Oct 8, 2012
April 14
The perfect peeping spot.


Cup-size Reviewer, from The perfect peeping spot.

Imadori was last seen:
Feb 14, 2020 at 4:14 AM
    1. Faith
      No problem! (:
    2. Amargaard
      Well, maybe you should edit it a bit so that we know you are meeting dwarves, but I really liked it :)
      And yeah, far from our characters. That is what your text made me think ;)
    3. Freeze87
      np man :D i know that you have your staff to do, i dont mind if i need to wait.....tnx for sending me a spell :D
    4. Alagremm
      Okay, how exactly is someone calling himself 'handsome' indicate that it's a lesbian? Frankly, its the opposite.
    5. Faith
      I think weird is a good thing. (:
    6. Faith
      You're so weird. :p
      Well goodluck I guess! ^_^
    7. Faith
      Lol. x)
      But.. He even said he was a guy... That's soo weird. D:
    8. Faith
      Why are you hitting on a guy? D:
    9. Alagremm
      Okay, what exactly of all that I've said has made you think that I'm a lesbian?

      And no... it's a private cloak.
    10. Hell_Master
      OhhHHhhhh... :D
    11. Hell_Master
      But I still need to read the chapters.
    12. Hell_Master
      Ok, Ill try to post in Avataria! :)
    13. Hell_Master
      No, I wont on Bern's... she'll kill me..... jeez! (Hope she didnt see this or I'll kill myself...)
    14. Amargaard
      I gotta pack all my stuff and leave for Germany in some hours, so sorry, but I don't really have time to read through it, but I'm sure it's more than fine. However, I recommend you write a message in the main thread too, just so people can welcome you to the roleplay, now that I'm not here to do it :)

      Anyways, you wanted HHH back right? ==> here it is! :)
    15. Hell_Master
      And here is Mage's Madness - Part 2
      Kenny: Oh, its already morning..... huh? * notices Pailan still sleeping*
      Pailan: *Sleeping* ZZzzzzzZ.....
      Pailan: Ahhhhhh... damn it, Kenny!!! You've scared me!!!
      Kenny: Sorry but it is time we move now, Pailan.
      Pailan: Sure, so we must find our way out here..... but how???
      Kenny: I wish dad comes back.... damn it!!!

      *Meanwhile at Amargaard*

      Amargaard: Ok, time to go back at the mountains!

      *Goes to the Mountains again.*

      Amargaard: What the...... I just did left Kenny here..... Oh well, time to find him.....
      ???: An orc.... hahahahaha.....
      Amargaard: Who are you!??

      *Meanwhile at Pailan and Kenny*

      Kenny: uhhh..... Its been 3 hours we are walking.... aren't you tired.....???
      Pailan: Uhhhh... dont ask me.... we are both tired.....
      ???: Adventuers?
      Kenny: Who are you!?? Pailan he looks like hostile!!
      Pailan: Right!!! *Brings out Greatsword* Take this!!!
      ???: Wait!!! I am not an enemy *Blocks Pailan's heavy attack!*
      Pailan: WHAT!!?? He has been able to block my attack......
      ???: I am not your enemy.....

      To be continued in Part 3!!!
    16. Hell_Master
      Right now! :) And I cant post in Avataria because I cant understand the story of it.
    17. Freeze87
      Just 1 question where i can set that esnare missile get destroyed if hit building? Becouse now just pass through buildings :D
    18. Alagremm
      Fool, I do not need you to tell me how sexy I am. It's a fact.

      The reason why I wear this cloak is because by the time the hundreth person hopelessly fell in love with me, I realised that I am too handsome for my own good.
    19. Hell_Master
      Here is the new Story main title: The Mage's Madness - Part 1:

      Kenny: Damn it! Dad has left me hear in the Mountain due to him being busy..... well, I guess I have to walk by myself.... *Walks for an hour*... Aughhh.... this is tiring! I hope I see some allies and not enemies....

      *The grass shakens that looks like there is someone there*

      Kenny: Wha!!!! Show yourself...... I'll kill you!!
      Pailan: Ow, easy.... Kenny! Its me Pailan... finally I've seen you. I am alone here too.... how about we veture together and get out of here.... Im kinda lost too.... hehehehe.... ^.^
      Kenny: Ahahahaha..... Im lost too -_-
      Pailan: Awwwww, I guess we have to find our way out of this mountains and by the way, Is Amargaard with you?
      Kenny: Not really... he left me because he is busy... damn it....
      Pailan: Oh, I see..... well, for now lets set up a tent to rest for the day. Good thing I have bring one.

      Narrator: And that is the part 1 of the new Story made by Kenny: The Mage's Madness
    20. Freeze87
      Tnx for spell, i know that jass is better, but i dont know to edit it, or even to import jass :D You are great man ;) you helped so much... + rep ofc
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    April 14
    The perfect peeping spot.
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    I didn't make because they said my project was inappropriate.
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    D.D. Warrior Lady
    Evaluating cup-sizes is what I do.
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