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    Happy 15th Birthday Warcraft 3!

    Still playing it to this day.. My friends brother got it back in 2002, we were watching it and not too long after I went to the store with my parents and they bought it for me.
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    Warcraft III - Patch 1.28.2

    Don't change RoC please, its great as it is, changing armor/attack types and making the game more TFT like just ruins RoC. I understand for fixing few things, for example defending undeads early expanding or getting harrased by all races(so basically buffing undeads early defenses) Nerfing elf...
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    Warcraft III - Patch 1.28.3 & 1.28.4

    /users command hasn't worked since the first 1.28 patch iirc. Whisper seems to work everynow and then, I tested it with a friend, when you start whispering quite alot with them it usually makes you unable to whisper for a while. Perhaps its some sort of bot spam defense system, dno.
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    Warcraft III - Patch 1.28.3 & 1.28.4

    Great job with reducing the delay <3 greatly appreciated. I would like to see a change in the automatic match making system tho, finding games after you get good stats is very hard, in TFT/ROC.
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    Warcraft 3 patch wish list

    I've read some rumours that blizzard might balance something in reign of chaos? Please, be very careful if you are going to touch ROC, it doesn't need any major balancing to ruin the game and make it tft like. Only real changes could be forwarder towards night elves expanding, it is way too...
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    Patch 1.27a - Patch Notes

    He most likely means the battle net built in delay that ladder games have..
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    The Future of Warcraft

    So 2.0... That should take care of the delay atleast... How about spam bots? They are making bnet pretty.. much a ghost town ( in roc atleast ) Well, the delay is my biggest concern.. any news when the patch is released? I heard smth about June.
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    The Future of Warcraft

    Hey guys, Great news that Warcraft 3 is still being looked at!! Kinda big fan here, played the game since 2002. As you can tell from my name, I am mostly playing reign of chaos. Reign of chaos still has small community that loves the game very much, I am not asking much, just few...
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    Patch 1.27

    Hi guys. I was searching info about the upcoming patch. I found this website and saw that you have contacts with Blizzard themself. I just have to say that the biggest problem in wc3 Battle net is the massive delay in ladder games. I wish blizzard look into this and fixed the delay...