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    A question about the armor and the parry

    All damage and armor types are treated as the same, i.e magic damage doesn't do bonus damage to mail armor types Also if I remember correctly you cannot reduce a monster's armor below zero and armor penetration only allows you to ignore armor at a 1 to 1 ratio, so if you do 100 damage and have...
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    Need a suggestion!

    oof, thats a tough one, I know a well geared and a skilled group can trio seer with bard/druid/necromancer, zharo is very improbable with 3 people due to one having to only focus on an add. Yeti, thats duoable with a healer an OKAY tank, and a dps
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    Need a suggestion!

    Just run around the whitepine area and kill the rarespawns, unfortunately I don't think you three have enough dps with that group setup anyways to actually beat the bosses
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    Valkyrie class preview and 1.2D features

    Emphasize: (S Pairing) Instant Cast No Cooldown MP Cost = 2 The caster puts emphasis on their target allowing for additional affects to come from their other abilities. Switiching your lance ends the buff. Disabled Lance: When the user gains additional MP from their other abilities. Divine...
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    Cosmetic Depository?

    So just fuck those people that really like how their older items look and have a distaste for how the new items look?
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    Cosmetic Depository?

    TBH I like that second part, ecspecially if you put a gold sink that'd be like 10*(sell value of item) creates a gold sink for every use, however it'd be hard to tell what you'd look like with new gear.... Unless, you could have it save just 2 armor skins that you can change at the press of a...
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    Cosmetic Depository?

    I did read, and it just seems like your whining that you don't want people to have more options in style, for the sake of "people who are elite should look elite," in which case, if someone wanted to show off their "eliteness" ,if they could change the how their gear looked, they just simply...
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    Cosmetic Depository?

    Box just wants people to have the option to destroy a piece of gear to have it become a cosmetic, while Jumbo wants people to just look the same as the other person playing the same character.... hrmmmm
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    Suggestions on Weapons, Classes, Skills and much more.

    A Hunter bow with some int, that has a grappling hook like affect to quickly move you to a target location, i.e Swamp Pilgrim's Way Weapon - Dungeon 4 Type: Bow Hp: +50 Mp: +40 Aspd: +20% AP: +30 Agi: +18 Int: +18 Poison Damage: Max(Ap,SP) 5% Active: Grappling Shot. (Quickly moves the user to...
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    This might or might not be the next character class...

    I think I'm gonna keep this line for later
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    Servant of the Skies

    As what Strikest was saying, you can have Servant of the Skies along with Nymph, or Efreet, or at level 50 theres a talent that lets you have all 3. However with Servant of Nature you can only have that, or Nymph, or Efreet. So it was added more or less for Druids to have a useful skill at their...
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    Question about Lightning Charge

    it is set at 200% damage modifier when it crits, unless Zwieb can confirm otherwise
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    Spell Haste on Druid.

    Spellhaste also affects Recovery which is quite nice, less time not healing hp, and yeah if Druids get a spammable channel dps spell in the future the spellhaste will be real nice. Also even though they pretty much only use Remedy its the core skill for the class so the better you can make your...
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) Clarification on bytes

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Clarification on bytes
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    Would it be better if..?

    The benefits are not quite large enough I think because the cost to respec is so cheap nowadays that its not really even a problem, and with unlimited loads in one game, its not worth changing the whole system to just save like 2k gold on your characters