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    Ultimate Battle v2.50

    seems like interesting idea, especially after blizzard will give reforged to some random studio which possible will burn the trashorged to ashes at last ^^ or force blizzards to do anything at last with their biggest failure...
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    Scythe Girl Night Elf

    green legs? o.O
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    Tzeentch Hero Pack

    He is smiling, isn't he? So cute guy
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    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) fabulous

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) fabulous
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    HTC: Apheraz Lucent

    it's incredible! Woaw! that art tools looks unbeliveble. I'm your fun! :D please make more models with so intresting tools and equipment :)
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    The Greatest, Eldest, of All Hydras

    nice model but... I think that sfx on eyes looks a bit strange, unlogical... I have parallel with cars... and Scooby Doo (you know, there are always some1 in costume of monster) :pshock:
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    Dwarf Female RuneCaster

    looks like a cartoon-guy :) intresting one. Could be improved a bit, I like the idea. It looks new. Who is the guy in red plate armour? Reminds me some kind of samurai...
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    High Elf Lieutenant

    I'm rarelly commenting, but I have tone of downloads from The Hive. Just had a wish to say, I like that recolor over it, I want to say why Hive can't have simple editions in free rotation in the same way with textures? May be it will need a new category like "recolor" in "Resourses" directory...
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    Dwarf Female RuneCaster

    the right one looks intresting ^_^
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    Snow Golem

    woaw. It's gotta be super-puper-overpowered unit :D who can resist the cuteness of Cristmass and snomans? Waiting for Santa and Elves :3
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    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) nice one

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) nice one
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    Fel/Shadow Shivarra

    that model need my comment. I know. It's very impressive (copapaste :P) Srsly it's extraordinary nice the WOW! :D
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    Realistic Maiev/Warden(5 versions included)

    a bit strange thing. Whats wrong with her shoulders and arms till attack and spell animations? Why do they rotating for 180 grades?