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Idaero Ace
Last Activity:
May 27, 2020 at 4:22 PM
Dec 21, 2013
Apr 19, 1998 (Age: 22)

Idaero Ace

Disney Princesses 4ever!!, 22

Why there is no new threads on Recycle Bin? :(((( Feb 21, 2020

Idaero Ace was last seen:
Viewing Portal, May 27, 2020 at 4:22 PM
    1. BigOneMarvelFan
      I answered you with PM
    2. Death Adder
      Death Adder
      Must be good for your electricity bill, no need for radiators when it's 1300° C
    3. Death Adder
      Death Adder
      You lier, "about you" says you were born ON earth but live IN. Don't try to pull a fast one on me. Also too bad about the house, still I'd personally prefer a place that's warm rather than cold.
    4. SuperbAvalon
      Good! I'm in utah at the moment so map making is at a halt but it's just in the polishing phase.
    5. Death Adder
      Death Adder
      Must be great to live IN the planet earth, how is the magma? ;)
    6. Rheiko
      you're late for that info XD
      i'm still in senior high :p
    7. Gekigengar
      Dissidia model?
      With animations?
    8. andreariona

      1. yep, I work by myself.
      2. well I quite forget to use it actually, the last time I've touch it was like.. I think mid 2012 and I didn't touch any mod-related app on whole 2013 (until nov-dec).
      3. those that hadn't download link meant it's undownloadable. :)
    9. Anggi Oktaviani P
      Anggi Oktaviani P
      [trigger="Test"]Melee Initialization
      Map initialization
      Melee Game - Use melee time of day (for all players)
      Melee Game - Limit Heroes to 1 per Hero-type (for all players)
      Melee Game - Give trained Heroes a Scroll of Town Portal (for all players)
      Melee Game - Set starting resources (for all players)
      Melee Game - Remove creeps and critters from used start locations (for all players)
      Melee Game - Create starting units (for all players)
      Melee Game - Run melee AI scripts (for computer players)
      Melee Game - Enforce victory/defeat conditions (for all players)[/trigger]
    10. Anggi Oktaviani P
      Anggi Oktaviani P
      Really? I Do not Know If It's There..

      Thanks You :)
    11. Daffa
      yeah, silly me, I forget about it.
      Forgive me for wasting your time replying to my question.
    12. Daffa
      Idaero Ace, how're you?
      btw, what country did you live?
    13. andreariona
      you can use a tool such as neosis to rip it.
    14. andreariona
      hello, thanks for the compliments.
      yep, rather than made Dota 2 map, I think that I'd rather made a WoW one, beside WoW has lower mesh size. hehe

      and yes, I am. :)
    15. Idaero Ace
      Idaero Ace
      Just saw a list of laptops with its price....
      I got 100 candidates
    16. Idaero Ace
      Idaero Ace
      Only one thing That can make me up all night, social network
    17. Hell_Master
      Welcome to the Hive, Idaero Ace. Hoping for you to enjoy your stay!
    18. SeedinAethyr
      You're welcome.
    19. SeedinAethyr
      Welcome to the Hive Idaero Ace! It's good to see you've already customized your profile to your liking!
      I hope you enjoy your stay here.
      Feel free to go to the Introductions thread in Off-Topic to introduce yourself to the community.
      If there is anything you need, feel free to contact me. I'm no admin, but don't be afraid to send me a Visitor Message about anything.
    20. Idaero Ace
      Idaero Ace
      And so I will edit my profile late.... Slow connection this night
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  • About

    Apr 19, 1998 (Age: 22)
    Noob guy who really love draw with pencil, currently learn to use colored pencil. Once learned some basic color with PaintToolSAI. Also, like to making models with 3dsMax, though still learn to make it more Warcrafty.

    Joined to Hive on around 2010, had made 3 failed noob maps and 0 success. Currently making a hero defense map but have no idea how to make it epic.

    Having dream to become an animator, but firstly before that, take Architect study and after finish that, have a dream to study on America (epic dream lol)

    Not really enjoy anime but quite like it. Began to draw manga when saw a friend made epic awesome cute anime girl. Then watched Mark Crilley youtube channels to learn to draw properly.

    Liked anime so far: One Piece, Naruto, Maid sama, Devil May Cry, .....

    Really love to read manga, especially school romance.

    Have really big dream to make games, even had make many scenario since 8. Currently have 1 epic scenario, has been made for more than 2 years. Had already mad the main background story for most main characters. Planning to port it to Warcraft as next project after get to university and learned JASS.

    ..... soon will be edited....
    already 2 year but I havent edit it yet -__-
    Drawing, Animating, Modelling


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