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Idaero Ace
Last Activity:
Jun 4, 2020 at 4:59 AM
Dec 21, 2013
Apr 19, 1998 (Age: 22)

Idaero Ace

Disney Princesses 4ever!!, 22

Why there is no new threads on Recycle Bin? :(((( Feb 21, 2020

Idaero Ace was last seen:
Jun 4, 2020 at 4:59 AM
    1. Idaero Ace
      Idaero Ace
      Still, until now, I think I'm still same like before. I never want to talk, maybe it's because I'm to shame to talk, I don't know why.....
      I should change it, so I can easily find girl . I should change how I talk, just like Novreza said.....
      I hope there are some girls that like Kirana , the new students on 10 grade, moreover I have same age like the new students, but I hope there is a new student in my class... And I still thinking of Lucy, is that girl real? That was a rare name, although it was only nickname

      Back to Kirana , I still like her, every time I remembered her, I have a feel, something strange . Wew

      This the second note

      Eleventh Grade
      Well I leveled up to 11 grade, nice
      But I had really bad score, I hope I will be better this year

      Only one thing that made me surprised, actually its 2 but just say it 1 k?
      There is a new student, and plus, she is female.... Just like what I thinking on my old note
      I never though it will be happen, nice
      And plus, she is beautiful too, well I dont know her personality, but she will be my target.....

      And like before, every girl I liked, many boys like her too :(
      Well, I hate this shit

      But maybe I just will be wait, I dont like to rushing, I will be focus to study

      Only time can tell XD

      Well I will say this, I just downloaded LINE and...
      Maybe I shouldnt talk this stupid thing
    2. Idaero Ace
      Idaero Ace
      Welcome to my note, I had changed this header on 26 December 2013
      By the way this is the first

      Just a few day after my friend, Novreza, give me Kirana's number. Well first time, i sent her a message and took long time until she replied it.
      Only saying Happy Birthday and she replied Happy birthday too. I think she know its me
      On next day I sent a message that say if i will be not sent her message again then on next day, its now, i sent her a message.
      I think she just know its me, but then she said she know its me from the first time. We chatting for a long time until we have nothing to talk and.....
      The end

      Why I like Kirana?
      I even don't know it. I think it's because her smile. Her smiles is so sweet, make her more beautiful. I can say, she is the most beautiful girl I know . Well, she is not too tall but I don't know, there is something on her... Something that make me like her
      I hope I can meet her again.....
      Well, I never talk to her directly. I'm too stupid in that day. Is there any time machine ???

      A long day after the first day, well, I didn't sent a her message too much, only about 5 message every week ( usually talking about 1 topic) and I guess that was a sign that it's going worse....
      Wew, I don't know any tips and trick to talk to girl, you know...
      I've asked Arsenius and not too help me
      I must try it by my self, or.......

      And sooo, what's should I talking about?
      How is her school, how is she, does she had a boy friend, is there any boy that's better than me....

      Many question but I'm too scared to message it to her..

      That's make me so scared if she is angry, just like when Naufal said that he was Kirana's boy friend. Well, Naufal is crazy, until now he is still crazy.

      And, another guy that liked Kirana is Adri. I'm not too close to him, I don't his expression and how he talk. I hope Kirana not liked him too, they are close friend you know

      Hmmm... Things got crazy here
      Just hope I got a great vision...
      And I hope when I am on eleventh grade there will be a new student, she is a girl and better than Kirana ....
      And she like (love) me too....

      I have too much hoping.. That's will going to being worse than now..
      I just still thinking when on junior high school..

      When I was seventh grade, I joining taekwondo.. And one day, Dessy, a friend on taekwondo , told me there is somebody that liked me on 7B.. And I'm thinking. There are only..... I forgot. Ups sorry, just remembered now. I think the only one is Kirana, and I liked her on the first met. Wew, I just thought Ayu was on 7B , she was on 7A, because she said she liked Dave, they must be at the same class, and plus Kirana said that she was liked Ernico, and I thought Ernico was on 7C, and that was mean Kirana was on 7C?!?
      Maybe I should ask Ernico.....

      On the eight grade, we ( Ernico , Kirana, Naufal and many more) had same class and that made me dizzy.....
      Many gossip that told Kirana still liked Ernico.... And Naufal liked Kirana since 7 grade and said they had same elementary school then Naufal said that he was Kirana's boy friend, and so Kirana got mad and throw a bottle to Naufal, plus I didn't see it

      That was mean Kirana didn't liked Naufal. I still thinking about Ernico..... It seems she didn't liked him anymore because she said that was on 7 grade.

      Somehow every body know that I liked Kirana , maybe it's because Tias Aprilia, she had ask me which girl that I liked, well first time I thought I will be say I liked you(Tias) but I'm not that brave. I still thinking , there are some of my target, they are Kirana, Dita F. , Tias, Trixie, and I think that's all.
      Wew, she ask me one by one until she said Kirana and that make me cannot answered it. Why? Because if I said no, and Kirana liked me, she will be... You know. And so I just said yes and... End

      On 9 grade, the only survivors are only me and Ernico. So we became close friend. I had ask him about Kirana , and she said she liked her too when 7 grade.
      Ernico and his friends always told me to "shoot" Kirana, but I'm still thinking, how about there is a girl that liked me?
      Plus with some support that said Kirana was liked me too. So finally I shoot her on December I guess, and it's end after 3 months on January 2012 because she said she wanted to focus to study. Wait for a minute, 3 months to January, that was mean I shoot her on November 2011, right a week after 11 11 11

      And until now, Mei 2013, I still liked her, because I have not find any girl that better that her. There are many girl that more beautiful than her, but there is not any girl that has better personality than her. And I can't forgot her smile, how she laugh, how she cry, and how she angry....
      Plus, I haven't touch here, you know what I mean right ??
      I never act like normal a couple... I'm just a young kid you know ....
    3. Idaero Ace
      Idaero Ace
      Not sure why, but I am really scared, all the time...
      This life.... Is scaring me
      The future, even present.

      For now, what I scare is the class.
      I believe they will treat us bad.
      You know, the class is stupid. They always say "teamwork, friend, all together". Wtf man, that stupid

      They always force us to be with them... Fuck you

      And also, university. Can I be smart? Can I learn everyday? Each time?

      Can I forget playing game? .....
      Things that I like is only drawing.
      Well, I love digital stuff too...

      What will I be?
      Those guys, Tomi and his fucking stupid friends... I believe there will be a fight between us and them...
      Not sure when...

      Fikran always try to get away from problem, that's good.

      And Novreza, also Arsen, always try the best to protect us.

      Well, life is always change. Sometime it will be fun, sometimes it will be screwed up. Maybe it's because when I on Junior High, it always fun. And now, it's suck.

      Those guys think that they are the ruler. Those guys are ruler, the thug that long, not Rule-er...

      Fuck them. I believe they will say bad thing if we didn't go with them. Seriously, it's useless. We will do nothing there. Those people are not friends. This guys are noob ducking shit.

      And we will always be like this.
      Stay behind, on the corner, use headset and hear nothing.
      Go I school only to study. That will be nice. And that was the purpose I go to school. Study. Nothing more.

      I don't want friend. Only study that I want. I'm afraid of what will I be.
      I used to be smart. Ten years ago, on elementary school... I was smart. Get high score, my parents are proud of me.

      But now, actually, since junior high school, all changed...
      That was a stupid school. Mostly, the students are "taken away" to that school. For those who didn't pass the grade to get better school, they will go here. It's called BPI, stands for Badan Perguruan Tinggi Indonesia, or can be called, Indonesia High School

      I become a stupid boy. I will say, because of those people there, I watch 17+ stuff, and learn masturbating. Fuck them. Well I'm glad now I have changed...

      3 years there, make me so stupid. I used to can handle math easily, and understand in the first time told.

      But, I learn to read my holy bible, which is Arabic. Thanks to Ariwibowo Wisnu Murti. It's on 7th grade.
      And also I found my first love. Not first actually, it's second, I guess. She is Kirana Candradita.

      On 8th grade, Wisnu going to another island. I got new friend, Ernico Suryo Wicaksono. He is a gamer. But also remember the god. He improve my Arabic. And also he teach me to pray, called shalat.

      Me and Kirana, we are in the same class, but I never talk to her. On 9th grade, we become a couple. That's amazing. It's only 3 months. That was a fake relationship, I can say...

      And then, I got really bad score on national exam, taking me back to BPI, to senior high school. Kirana went to an international school. Wisnu still the same, and Ernico on a school beside mine.

      From the first time I go to the class, 10th grade, I already know it will be the worst time I ever have...

      I have no friends. After 6 months, I met a friend, Febrian AP, or I called him Greensky. He is a good person, but got wrong friends in the past. That's too bad. He like draw and music, and also he like to play, have some joke.

      On 11th grade, he moved to another class. I got another close friend. He is Fikran. On 10th grade, he got wrong friend too, make him stupid.

      He has potential, I know it. I always force him to study. Not like Tomi, who thinks he is the leader, and also his friends. They never study, they never trying. They always cheating. What they think is only girl, fashion, and kind of that stuff.

      Those thing keep going till now, even worst. ....

      Man, I get bored with this life. But I have heard, if someone feel bored with life, remembering past, feel empty, that's mean he is going to die. Am I will die? I still have many dreams, and I have many sin.. I will go to hell if now I die. I need more time...
      Well now I'm feeling better...
    4. Idaero Ace
      Idaero Ace
      LOL, I never thought I have 40 rep, thats cool
    5. BigOneMarvelFan

      Is a long time I don't "showed up"...
      I finally managed to combine the two models of the Dr. octopus: DrOctopus0.rar
      Tell me if you can do something ... if you want to help :wink:
    6. Idaero Ace
    7. AL0NE
      Ah I see. I've also played with the popular adobe suites like after effects, illustrator and dreamweaver including some C++, Javascript and PHP. We're literally the same boat :D Sailing without a real guide by our side. :P I agree on the tutorials part as well. Some explains nicely, some just like talking to themselves. I'm also trying to make musics with FL Studio, mainly focusing those epic scores. XD always loved those epic musics especially in trailers. Well lately I'm more to the music section I guess. My current laptop is unable to do too advanced stuffs in 3D animations as it render scenes pretty slowww. :( Probably gonna wait until the near future when I have a better pc then I'll try learn more about 3D stuffs.
    8. AL0NE
      Hello :) Sorry for the late reply. In case you haven't notice, I've been away from the hive for a few months already. :/ But today I've decided to return for a while since my holiday is coming soon. :D

      Just to clarify, yes I'm trying to learn digital art but I'm not taking any courses about digital art tho. I'm actually taking the path to computer science atm. But I've always been amazed by awesome digital arts and animation movies. Which is why lately I've been trying to learn 3D modeling & animations. :P

      How about you? are you learning it yourself too? I do find that it would be easier to have a teacher/guide since we don't have to go through the tedious trial & error phase. :/
    9. Death Adder
      Death Adder
      Pretty nice sketches, personally preferred the Jaina one the most.
    10. Kwaliti
      I'll take a look at it.
    11. tobyfat50
      So are you using the other programs to? Do you draw with a tablet? just asking
    12. tobyfat50
      Seems like a decent program to work with. I recommend you place the outline on a different layer so you don't have problems with the color going over it.
    13. tobyfat50
      I am glad but you still didn't answer a couple of questions, what drawing program you used and are you Indonesian?
    14. tobyfat50
      How are you, better?
    15. GreeN!X
      I suggest asking that in the contest thread. It's so much better to ask a bunch of people than get the opinion of one. :)
    16. Sky_Demon
      yeah sure, do you need other helps ? lagi ga ada kerjaan nih..
    17. Sky_Demon
      contest judging,rule,reminder dan themenya keliatan kurang
    18. Sky_Demon
      Wanna join but i have no scanner / camera (not even a handphone (i don't have a handphone cause i feel like i dont need it)) but i may can be the judge.. maybe.
    19. Sky_Demon
      Yeah, im kinda busy with real life....
    20. GreeN!X
      Sure what do you need?
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  • About

    Apr 19, 1998 (Age: 22)
    Noob guy who really love draw with pencil, currently learn to use colored pencil. Once learned some basic color with PaintToolSAI. Also, like to making models with 3dsMax, though still learn to make it more Warcrafty.

    Joined to Hive on around 2010, had made 3 failed noob maps and 0 success. Currently making a hero defense map but have no idea how to make it epic.

    Having dream to become an animator, but firstly before that, take Architect study and after finish that, have a dream to study on America (epic dream lol)

    Not really enjoy anime but quite like it. Began to draw manga when saw a friend made epic awesome cute anime girl. Then watched Mark Crilley youtube channels to learn to draw properly.

    Liked anime so far: One Piece, Naruto, Maid sama, Devil May Cry, .....

    Really love to read manga, especially school romance.

    Have really big dream to make games, even had make many scenario since 8. Currently have 1 epic scenario, has been made for more than 2 years. Had already mad the main background story for most main characters. Planning to port it to Warcraft as next project after get to university and learned JASS.

    ..... soon will be edited....
    already 2 year but I havent edit it yet -__-
    Drawing, Animating, Modelling


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