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Sep 6, 2013

Awarded Medals 1

    1. deathismyfriend
      I forgot to move those units lol.
      Edit: Map is now updated. Thanks again. and +rep
    2. deathismyfriend
      Fixed it lol. Simple problem with my math haha.
    3. deathismyfriend
      All fixed try it out now.
    4. deathismyfriend
      Thanks lol. I noticed the mistake as soon as you gave me the test map lol.

      You should look at my other system on the pending list lol.
    5. deathismyfriend
      I believe i fixed that problem.
    6. deathismyfriend
      Ok thanks i will test it out asap
    7. deathismyfriend
      Can you send me a test map so i can see what you mean ?
    8. deathismyfriend
      Try it out now. There is a test item that stacks in the arcane vault. The item is sentry wards.
    9. Legal_Ease
      Yes, and it has attachment points. I feel so dumb. In fairness to me though, it is a bit ugly and that's the reason I didn't use it. I need to make a trigger that makes it play its walk animation when it moves forward. Can I just add that to the press up trigger? I don't see why not, but I have been wrong before.
    10. Legal_Ease
      I just downloaded the other Apache model. DOOOOH. It has the animation for forward and it has a spell animation for nitro boost. Its uglier thats why I didn't take it in the beginning but now after all the trouble that other model caused. I'm going for it.
    11. Legal_Ease
      Well, I'll keep going with it until I get all the bugs smoothed out.

      Your map looks cool, I really want to see what it looks like in-game. Good Luck!
    12. Legal_Ease
      Ya, I've been super busy. I am building a website and working and trying to help my friends with a class action law suit against the state. I barely have time for anything here anymore. But, I do want to finish Choplifter mostly because of all the time we put into it.

      So 1 problem with the hostages was that the new hostages created after the tent is destroyed weren't being added to the group. I fixed that by adding "last created unit" in the camp trigger. But something else was bugging because I was picking them up and then going back for more and the second time they were not getting in. Well, now I fixed that too but for some reason when I pick up 6 hostages and drop them off only 3 run to the base. The others just wander around. So whatever, I go get more and eventually I beat the level, but then everything freezes. Chopper gets stuck mid-flight and is moved instantly to start location. If I could work past this bug I will be able to finish up the levels fairly fast. But since I can't test level 2, I can't know if it works. lol. I think you are right about the model being off-center. Maybe I should switch it. I am thinking of making several copies of a model with different angles and then using them as effects rather than models, that way I can switch effects and not lose unit orders.

      Good luck in the contest! Do you have a WIP I can look at?
    13. Legal_Ease
      Thanks for the rep :) I added 4 UIs and fixed a bunch of bugs.

      I am working on choplifter now. It still has a bunch of bugs and I'm probably messing it all up again but I promise, it wasn't working. The nitro was stuck to the side of the chopper and the hostages really weren't getting in. uhg. Oh well, I'm plugging away at it.

      How have you been?
    14. T. D. W.
      T. D. W.
      yes, we're still working on it, you can see some pictures in my albums ;)
    15. Malhorne
      Yep :p
      So I found a home in vJASS XD
    16. Malhorne
      Cd lost/destroyed :/
    17. Malhorne
      Infact twice ;)
    18. Malhorne
      Bought thrice xD
    19. Malhorne
      Unofficial version to keep it simple
    20. Malhorne
      Long story why I'm not ^^'
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