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Sep 6, 2013

Awarded Medals 1

    1. chobibo
      Merry Christmas dude!
    2. GreeN!X
      Not much. The only stuff I have ongoing is 2 SRPGs and a Hero Arena. ^^
    3. Hell_Master
      No, watched a movie and got a real life issue that made me touch my computer just now.
    4. Hell_Master
      Well, I was about to tell about the terrain template I am making for Christmas but since you know it, well that was it.
    5. Hell_Master
      How are you doing?
    6. edo494
      yes I can
    7. chobibo
      Sorry I wasn't able to say goodbye in chat, bye :D ciao!
    8. chobibo
      Sorry I wasn't able to help :(
    9. chobibo
      Hey Bo, what do you mean there is still leaks on your map?
    10. Legal_Ease
      damn. I was hoping I missed something easy there.
    11. Legal_Ease
      No worries. Its good for me to learn on my own. I'm slowly figuring out all of your triggers. I've made more progress last night too.

      Cobra enemy choppers fly up in the air when you get close.
      Missions 1 - 4 working. Ready for level 2.
      death animation almost worked out.

      Any thoughts on how I can get my machine gun spell to kill destructibles?
      For some reason, it won't take out trees or crates. I have adjusted the "targets"
      option in OE several times. I tried debris, structures, trees, mechanical, and in all
      different arrangements.
    12. Legal_Ease
      So, ya that script I linked to works. I now have "radar ping" as a feature where hold position used to be and "drop item" where stop used to be.

      This is cool stuff. Good call on the animations. I have made serious improvements.

      Trees now shake when you hit them.
      Missions 1-3 working.
      item pick up and drop off custom triggered.
      flying bugs all gone.
      vision settings fine tuned to keep inactive regions dark (including building).
      Attack replaced with a machine gun spell.

      more coming soon... :) thanks again for everything!!!

      edit: oh ya and hostages all going into base. I had to add them to unit group when created then I removed wander when dropped off. I also had to remove some pathing blockers, but they finally get home to see their loved ones after all this time.
    13. chobibo
      Yo dude, sorry about chat, I got disconnected due to a power blackout.
    14. Legal_Ease
      Have you ever seen this? I'm not sure it works but if so that's pretty cool. I wonder what else can be overridden with .txt files.

      I'm trying to make hold position have a tooltip about radar and make it do something totally different. This would be a way to add more keyboard functions with blank commandstrings and custom hotkeys.
    15. Adiktuz
      hahaha... XD
    16. Maker
      Oh, with or the and is needed :)
    17. Maker
      You need to convert the default prop window from radians to degrees when resetting it.

      You can remove the AND in

      --AND - conditions
      ----cond 1
      ----cond 2
      --cond 1
      --cond 2
    18. Ralle
      I don't know.
    19. Legal_Ease
      Making progress slowly but still its progress. :) How's the mini-map?
    20. deathismyfriend
      No problem. Thanks for testing.
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