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Sep 6, 2013

Awarded Medals 1

    1. Legal_Ease
      I'm not getting it on lvls 1 -2 but surprisingly I do get it on 3. What was the name of the file you saved? Also, can you just tell me what you did? I think I can reproduce it easily enough. #1 I know about the camera bounds thing (I removed it too). #2 I see you disabled "run - int". I tried to do that for lvl2 but the problem with that was it makes the chopper not move (except up and down) but I think I know the problem there.
    2. Legal_Ease
      So, sorry about that version. I knew that crashed. I removed it too. I will look to see what changes you made. Did you test it and the multiboard works in all 3 levels?
    3. Legal_Ease
      Ya, it will be way better. 4 player and some other abilities added. It will have better models and movement.
    4. Legal_Ease
    5. Legal_Ease
      Ya, I'm really pissed at it. I fixed it at one point and then started working on something else and it disappeared again.

      I tried to make the radar refresh and keep the chopper at the center of a region (converted point with width/heighth). It caused way to much lag and crashed with a fatal error. It was fun to try though.

      I also reset the Far Z and made the map look 100% better with fog and sky effects for each level. I was now able to raise the height limit to 1600. The only problem was now the edge of the map looks bad, so I moved the regions in - making them a bit smaller.

      Anyway, its looking really nice. I'm excited to get rid of it soon.

      Thanks for looking at the multiboard. The trigger which causes the problem is in "L2 M2." To test lvl2 type in the cheat code as a chat message "lvl2" without the quotes. Also, notice that skipping to lvl3 does not remove the multiboard. Therefore the bug must be in trigger named "Level 2 M1."
    6. edo494
      but for what? :D
    7. Legal_Ease
      No, I lost the whole multiboard, I can't figure out what I did to change it. But its just gone now. The trigger wasn't touched at all. Something is interfering. Do you have any idea what could make this happen? I also tried to remake it after the cinematic to see if that helps, but it doesn't.

      Ladder sounds cool. That map is really fun. I think you just need to make a better story and characters and it could be a huge hit. The triggers seemed really smooth. I keep thinking blademaster would be a good character because he has jump animation (critical strike).

      Good luck with the ladder, I hope you get it soon.
    8. Legal_Ease
      So, I'm through the end of Level 2 (death bay) and just trying to get things cleaned up. For some reason the multiboard disappears after the start of level 2. I think it might be the cinematic I added. I made a crash in the sea trigger and triggered the destructible death for the machine gun. I made the radar (mini-map) only show the current region ([set current camera bounds] is a cool trigger). I also fixed it so the respawn would set the chopper facing the center of the current region. Urg... so much work.

      I decided Level 3 is going to be a tower defense level with Zombies, lol, because I'm tired of rescuing hostages now. I think there will be 4 waves rather than 4 missions. Towers will be items that do nothing until they are placed. Once placed they will become real towers.

      I am so over this map - Can't wait to start Pacman :)
    9. Legal_Ease
      Oh sweet! I'll review it for sure! Where you able to make the platforms more forgiving? You know, so the player doesn't fall off the edge so easy? I really want to get done with choplifter. I think I'm going to make the extra levels easy in that you just pick up more hostages. I am more excited about Pacman now.
    10. Legal_Ease
      No, I just thought that was really funny. I want a fixed cam view of the entire map. So the character moves but the camera doesn't. Like the original.
    11. Legal_Ease
    12. SA Dashie
      SA Dashie
      You too. :D
    13. SA Dashie
      SA Dashie
      Hey, yeh thanks.
      Nice to see someone responding fast.
      Wasn't really expecting any response anytime soon.

      I actually never tested Dreadlords ability to be honest. I couldn't seem to figure out the code to finish it either in time(The idea and executing it is a little complex).
      I actually posted a new version a thew of hours after disabling the selection for Dreadlord.
    14. Legal_Ease
      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Sorry, I've been away.
    15. Sapeur-Goblin
      Bo, the King has returned !!!
      Proziz is back !
      You have to create BoZiz account and help us to create clan Ziz !
    16. Ralle
      Noted, I will fix that.... And it is now changed, please let me know if it is fixed.
    17. Shanghai
      for some reason i dont get your sliding system working :/ i did import everything do i need to change anything? i have ice on the ground.
    18. Malhorne
      Yep but it is arrow storm ^^
      You can do fire storm just by switching models in the test map ^^
    19. Malhorne
      Thanks for the reply !
      Main problems are dued to the custom model ;)
      Even Wrathion told me that the model is a bit problematic.
    20. Malhorne
      Lol thanks for the rep ;)
      What do you think about the spell btw ?
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