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Sep 6, 2013

Awarded Medals 1

    1. Legal_Ease
      The missiles are the normal attacks of the units like the missile launcher and the jet. So currently the damage is done when the attack hits even though homing is set to off and the chopper moves out of the way. I wanted to make it so the chopper can dodge the missile. Currently, the chopper can dodge and the missile misses, but damage is still done. I want to make it so that if the missile misses the chopper is not damaged.

      My trigger didn't work that well, I should have done it your way. I ended up changing it.
    2. I_am_Death
      hmm, i turn only unikey (to type vietnamese). but need to type double e to become ĂȘ so.... idk what it could be :c
    3. Legal_Ease
      So I modified your idea a little. I set the alliance in Map Int.
      How does this look?
      Low Chopper
      Game - Current_Hight becomes Less than 100.00
      Set GrdUnits = (Units in Current_Level_Region owned by Player 10 (Light Blue))
      Unit Group - Pick every unit in GrdUnits and do (Actions)
      Loop - Actions
      If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else Actions)
      If - Conditions
      ((Picked unit) is A ground unit) Equal to True
      Then - Actions
      Unit - Change ownership of (Picked unit) to Player 2 (Blue) and Retain color
      Else - Actions
      Custom script: call DestroyGroup(udg_GrdUnits)This changes the ground units back and forth from Player 2 - Player 10. Player 10 treats player 1 as neutral.

      Also, another problem that's been bugging me. I want the chopper to be able to dodge the missiles. But currently the missile will do damage even if it misses by a great distance. Any ideas?
    4. Hell_Master
      I admit my mistake, will remove that part of my moderator comment. Looks like I misunderstood the conversation between you two.
    5. Hell_Master
      All of the things I want to note has been pointed by I_am_Death already and there is no use on duplicating it though I would review that once again and maybe find something more not on IaD's review.
    6. Legal_Ease
      I was thinking that I could make the zombies able to attack flying units at a very short range and add invulnerability at altitude.

      What I would really like is to make it work for all levels and all units. If it can attack ground units then it can attack chopper only when the chopper has landed.
    7. Hell_Master
      I do know that also suggested you if you want it being Jass to be much faster and smoother.
    8. Hell_Master
      I_am_death pretty much explained most of my points so I just spotlighted his review as a basis for your map's approval.
    9. Legal_Ease
      Dude your description is awesome!!!

      I would add a table around the whole thing -

      I'm a big fan of tables.

      Mostly I like the blacker back ground.

    10. Legal_Ease
      Sweet. MaoC is out!!!

      No rush, I have plenty to work on. Vulnerability will make it cooler for every level.

      The map section is getting backed up again huh? damn
    11. Legal_Ease
      The ice is just the frost breath model but bigger. It looks cool. There is also the doodad "crystal" from icecrown glacier.

      I was thinking of making a mini-cinematic for the Boss. I was thinking a polar bear gets some of the gas frozen in the ice a mutates.

      I tried "add classification - ground unit - to Chopper" still nothing attacked it. I even removed classification "flying unit" from it too with the trigger. I put it right in the landing and lift up triggers.

      I can make the builds and all respawn easy enough. The tricky one is the vulnerability thing.

      Is there any other way to do it without switching the model out?
    12. Legal_Ease
      Hey man, thanks! Those are some great ideas. You really thought about it.

      I like 2.b the best. I added that ice thingking that the poison gas would get trapped in the ice and the enemy army was being mutated somewhere off-screen. I think the chopper should have to go and destroy the ice that has trapped the toxic gases. Maybe there's an enemy lab inside the blocks of ice. Did you see my ice models?

      Also, I want the arctic critters to become mutated and have some bosses.

      Big question though, is this... How can I make the Chopper a ground unit when it lands. I want the chopper to be vulnerable to attack when refueling.

      Also, I think I need to make level 3 have some in-game restart function. So, respawn base - respawn tanks - respawn everything that might die.
    13. Legal_Ease
      Eh.. no. I'm done with the cinematic. That took me all day. The zombies are heading toward the arctic chopper station - the only fresh brains for hundreds of miles. lol. I'm having trouble making the tower defense thing fun.

      Currently, I give the chopper a choice of 4 items (including towers) the first wave, then 6 items the second wave. Problem is that it doesn't really feel like tower defense because the zombies just walk in and attack everything and its a big mess of shooting and zombies. Doesn't feel like much for strategy. Also, once you die, you must restart the game. To do this right, I should have used regions for everything so I could use them to respawn all units.

      Any ideas about how I could make it more fun?

      I had a few.

      1. I let the headquarters build items (no gold) but time is the commodity. You must chose the most useful items.

      2. Give the towers locust and make the zombies go straight for the headquarter. This is more like standard TD where you defend a "base" from attacking units. When the base dies its gg.

      What are your thoughts?
    14. Legal_Ease
      It worked for me (re-downloded it and tested fine). Maybe you could try it in TFT and see if it plays there. I did have trouble with fatal errors but the version I sent you played fine. I can send a newer one if you want. I did improve the cinematic slightly. But I have to run now. Let me know if you figure it out.

      I have 3 waves of Zombies in level 3 now and I added a 2nd player who flies a cobra. Player 2 just helps or harasses the choplifter. I just think that the view of another chopper in the sky is cool when you know someone is actually flying it.
    15. Legal_Ease
      -VVV- Download Link -VVV-

      And ya, its level 3's cinematic.
    16. Legal_Ease
      Check out v.34 level 3 cinematic. Tell me what you think.
    17. Legal_Ease
      I've never tried it before but its easy. Its just a matter of keep track of a bunch of distances, times and angles. You would be good at it.
    18. Legal_Ease
      Zombie cinematic is looking good! :D

      A group of soldiers attacks another group and then a jet flies over and fires a missile setting off a chemical weapon (dragon hawk cloud) which kills them all. The from a corpse (close-up) ... a Zombie rises from the snow!
    19. Legal_Ease
      Its working now. Thank you again! Now the zombies will attack.
    20. Legal_Ease
      Sorry, I think I got it working now. I think it had something to do with the temp data. You are right. I will not save to dropbox until I am ready from now on. Let me test it a few more times. I think we're good.
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