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Sep 21, 2019 at 4:31 AM
Sep 6, 2013

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IcemanBo was last seen:
Sep 21, 2019 at 4:31 AM
    1. Mythic
      Perhaps give an option not to reset

      That would be all, thanks in advance
    2. Mythic
      Oh, no, sorry. I just posted it in the thread because I like how UnitScale is done.
    3. Mythic
      No, I meant a Transparency system that functions just like your UnitScale
    4. Chaosy
      Just driving by to say that the GUI spell workshop in your sig is closed.
    5. Marcus Lecter
      Marcus Lecter
      Sorry for the fuck word or if I ever fuck you up. I just need proofs to be banned here. I don't like hiveworkshop. I need to lose this account. Hope you got that.
    6. BlueSaint
      Your signature looks neat now!

      Btw you should take my spell request thread out, my school is taking all the damn time I have :(
    7. GywGod133
      Hello Iceman :)

      Can you explain to me something..... :/

      What is bj function?

      When you see in the jass form of the GUI

      you can see the bj_blablabla
      like this
      set bj_forLoopAIndex = 1
      set bj_forLoopAIndexEnd = 10
      exitwhen bj_forLoopAIndex > bj_forLoopAIndexEnd
      set bj_forLoopAIndex = bj_forLoopAIndex + 1

      So instead using Integer A / B
      Use Integer Variable like this

      set udg_i = 1
      exitwhen udg_i > 10
      set udg_i = udg_i + 1

      For my knowledge in GUI Coding..

      Integer A / B its slower
    8. Darkfang
      Ty ive fixed it.
    9. Quilnez
      It's in Staff Contact conversation. :( But it's totally fine for me actually, I will judge if it's really needed.
    10. Quilnez
      They think hosting a contest is not an easy thing, I'm not sure tho. But I think keeping track of all contestants' WIPs is not that hard. :/
    11. Quilnez
      They are not even very trusting me to host it, so how can I participate in? Tho I will just watch from behind.
    12. Quilnez

      Perhaps you are interested to participate in Zephyr Contest #12?
      (It's the theme polling thread, link to the contest is available there)
    13. Quilnez
      Thread crash could occurs on create method if growUpDuration or growDownDuration is zero (!0 devided by 0 => thread crash). The solution is to skip some/whole actions: if growUpDuration is zero, then the unit scaled up/down instantly, if growDownDuration is zero, then the unit will be reset instantly either, if both of them is zero then don't start the timer at all. I believe you can solve this by yourself actually ;) But the point is 0 means instant
      Hey, actually it's not about thread crash but something more important
    14. Quilnez
      Wut? Thought you have nice ideas for the contest
    15. Quilnez
      Just join the paradise ^^
    16. Chaosy
      lol I checked like 2-3 of the BJs and nothing was different. Seems like I am unlucky with the odds today.
    17. Chaosy
      purpose. I don't see how the position could be the problem. Even if the position would be wrong I would see the text somewhere in the map. Which I don't. Also in GUI we don't use those complicated values, the BJ funcions contain no extra stuff either.

      I might add that the actions are copied from a working GUI trigger of mine, the only difference is that I removed the BJ at the end of the function names.
    18. Chaosy
      inb4 more problems. Now I can't apply velocity and so on to the text.. the text doesn't show up at all. It does show up if I comment out everything bellow the set color though..

      set goldText = CreateTextTag()
      call SetTextTagText(goldText, "+" + I2S(this.gold), 0.023)
      call SetTextTagPos(goldText, x, y, 100)
      call SetTextTagColor(goldText, 255, 255, 0, 0)
      call SetTextTagPermanent(goldText, false)
      call SetTextTagFadepoint(goldText, 1.00)
      call SetTextTagLifespan(goldText, 100.00)
      call SetTextTagVelocity(goldText, 100, 90)
    19. makai
      yeah.. it is already working.. can you explain why when i use Channel as base ability, it wont play the animation?
    20. Chaosy
      yeah ^^ thanks!
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