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Sep 6, 2013

Awarded Medals 1

    1. Daffa
      Iceman, would you mind review my Danku spell? I kinda need some complete review to save my time fixing the spell. In any case I might miss flaws.
    2. Chaosy
      Do you think a system that makes game messages more realistic is good enough to upload?

      What I mean with that is that you make the system type out one character at the time every x seconds. Like someone is writing it live, my goal was to use it for cinematics.
    3. Deleted member 219079
      Deleted member 219079
      you saved hive. Spell section used to have 3 pages of pending resources.
      Must to repeat. I'm so glad seeing an active spell moderator again <3
    4. Almia
      you saved hive. Spell section used to have 3 pages of pending resources.
    5. GywGod133
      Okay sorry for that

      I do that for you
    6. gorillabull
      you must rule with an iron fist
    7. Chaosy
      Gz. Rename yourself cleanup master, because that will likely be your job for a good while!
    8. Deleted member 219079
      Deleted member 219079
      Only 5 pages of pending maps though ^^

      Lol, the oldest one's from June XD

      Oh wait, you actually user reviewed it.. Well, now you have the power to change its state to needs fix.
      Edit: Or wait, changing resource's state might bump it, might be better to leave it as pending...

      Anyway, good luck again :csmile: imma hit the bed now...
    9. Deleted member 219079
      Deleted member 219079
      Resource Moderator
      OMG!! :D

      Good luck moderating, don't take too much stress from it!
    10. Mythic

    11. Orcnet
      Awesome that you are now part of our ranks! :wink:

      Just take it slowly don't rush that much it takes time to clean up pendings lol, also yeah PurgeandFire is an awesome Jedi Master. :thumbs_up:
    12. ukn0wnD3str0y3r
      Why do your name have a 'Bo'?
    13. ukn0wnD3str0y3r
      Hi, Iceman you like ice huh xD
    14. jonbon29
      I see that's why you're avatar turned into ice hehehe.
    15. jonbon29
      Yow iceman how's you're day, we have a fine weather today?
    16. Idaero Ace
      Idaero Ace
      Wondering what is the meaning of "Bo" in your name. Mind tell me that?
    17. Tickles
      Congratulations on your big shiny gem!
    18. chobibo
      I saw that C++ First Program thread and I remembered my first program was the typical hello world lol
    19. chobibo
      Yeah, we can't copy that, we can relay them though :D
    20. chobibo
      Please reconsider that :
      While it's true that many times using one letter is just fine (such as i for a loop), readability is the must.
      And then we have tools such as wc3mapoptimizer. I mean that shouldn't be up to the mapmaker itself but on some tool.

      I wouldn't say that conditions don't open a new thread, anyway jass is not multi threaded.
      Conditions are indeed faster but they also reset the limit op, just as actions do.
      Also you can't use some jass native functions inside conditions (such as TriggerSleepAction, duh ... and PauseGame and other sync functions, such the ones with gamecache, and maybe more)
      Good points there, as expected of gent Troll-Brain.
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