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Sep 6, 2013

Awarded Medals 1

    1. Dat-C3
      I'm not fighting them, when they're not needed they add more problems. Unless your a VJASS'er which I think you are.
    2. Dat-C3
      What's your opinion of having 3 alliance systems on hive?

      I want to upload 2 because they're both going to be vastly different. One will basically be a giant upgrade from Faith's but will only be one variable used so I want Faith's system to still stay and not get depreciated just in-case someone actually cares about the imaginary speed difference. By imaginary I mean it'll only be visible when someone has a certain keyboard where they can hold down enter to spam a command 100 times in a second. No matter what that lags anyone so there is no counter. Besides that my current system doesn't lag one bit and won't lag because it calls functions for less then a second and executes its code.

      Edit: Will just merge both systems into one. Still though I am wondering, will I be forced to use variables to get invisible speed?
    3. stan0033
      Just tell me. Is it spells?
    4. stan0033
      You are resource moderator?! Moderator of what resource??
    5. Almia
      Ok so I have to disregard this pathing collision supp.

      First of all there are so many things that players want when they hit an object, for example : a unit is knockbacked, if that unit hits to an unpathable terrain, it will be stunned.

      If my system has this pathing collision support, they won't be able to code this.

      If I still put it but they turn an instance' collision off, my system will be overloaded.
    6. edo494
    7. IcemanBo
      Hey, mate! No problem. :csmile:

      What does "cq" mean? :D
    8. mckill2009
      hey my friend tnx for the review and all, pls cq again my post :D
    9. chobibo
      Great '\o/', thanks for all the hardwork bro :D
    10. chobibo
      Yo! Back to reviewing I see :D
    11. Almia
      I have written it before. It was intended to be used for my AoS Map, but i think it is better to be submitted.

      and this is independent ofc
    12. Almia
      I think you misunderstood something. The reason why i need this to get approved is so that i can use it in my entry. Im also goin to use it for my upcoming project :)

      And also i have made this ofc for everybody to use and not only for my submission
    13. Uklabokalala
      Thank you for the forum help!
    14. Almia
    15. chobibo
      Hi! sup? :D
    16. Dat-C3
      Hey IcemanBo, don't reject my system just yet. I will update it to be configurable... =)

      If I take too long or you want it faster please remind me. Should be done anyways at latest tomorrow.
    17. Kazeon
      Hello again, IcemanBo.

      You are seriously talkless right now. How r u doin?

      I just wonder what should I update/improve from my ice spellpack? Since I think I have updated any spot you mentioned there. Please, if you find some more, just tell me and I will update it right away. (But don't tell me that I should improve those variable names any further. I think it's totally okay, since Nestharus uses the same pattern and sometimes even worse.)

      I'm sorry I was too disappointed to think clearly.
    18. Chaosy
      It would still be viable for cinematics since they would mainly use it for stuff like:
      "One day later.."

      It wouldn't exactly be a viable option in normal maps since the log would be unreadable which is a big issue in maps with quests where you might need to find info from those messages. Or even re-read them because you missed it or w/e

      but as said, I get where you're coming from.
    19. Chaosy
      I get where you're coming from but I need to clear the screen between each message? else it would look fucked up.

      I might have a solution but it's just in theory :P

      edit: nope, didn't work.
      Currently it works once per player at the same time due using playergroups, but the only way to make it dynamic would be to store every single message and then make the computer copy it each update.
    20. Daffa
      It's okay, I can wait. Feel free to clean the resources that's already too long waiting.
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