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  • Did i post you???

    Edit: appearently I did and that text seems kinda out of my persona so i'm goign to go out on a limb here and say that someone went into my account :/
    Huh oh sorry I dont normally play on east so I got bored of waiting.
    Is your username same as one on hive?
    Hey i just saw ur post in the Avatar topic and thought i'd log in to host, but you dont seem to be anywhere, are you just alrdy gone?
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    (Post) Why did you destroy the entire race of man? Now Undeads like me can't get more undeads because no humans are spawning, no will die :(... Lolzorzorz ;DD
    Yea i cant figure out why but it slowly having more type on the sig as it stays. i think im gonna change it now...
    Yea i know. also i heard that Lan will not be supported for SC2, wish kinda sucks for us. btw, where did oyu get that cool avatar?
    well obviously, its years on years on years newer then WC3 oh but side note, i wish SC2 would update its site, it has news being updated but they don't show all the units they have released and they should show a layout of all the maps they have so far.
    yea true but at same time starcraft was made for gameplay first and now its gonna have awsome grapshhics far surpassing WC3
    Huntajsfjas, oh btw you know our conversation how star craft had good graphics for its time, i dont think it does, i was thinking about it and it really isn't good graphically. sure looking at gameplay looks good but detail, its blah. war3 is way better we u really "zoom" into things.
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