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    Forsaken Dark Ranger

    I'd still love to see a regular unit version. Wonderful!
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    It's.... beautiful! No words. They should have sent a poet ;-; I only hope one day we can have models for the other doomies (namely Caco, Imp and Baron) this beautiful.
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    Emperor Thaurissan

    Wooooooh! Lookit this boy! I love this boy!!
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    O'Connor the Spy

    Nobody pointed it out, so I'm just gonna say it: FREEDOM FORCE!
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    Core Hound

    Wooooooo! Lookit that boy!
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    HotS Warcraft Anduin Wrynn + alts

    Ooh, could you upload Xul next?
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    [Crash] Editor crashes when saving a campaign (ver. 1.31)

    I found the problem. The save destination for campaign files was set to the wrong folder. Using "save as" and making sure it targeted the "campaigns" folder fixed the problem. If you're having this issue too, try that. If it doesn't work, I'd suggest going to the Patch 1.31 Backup Files thread...
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    Patch 1.31.1 Backup Files

    Wow, I think I fixed it, and it was half by accident. After checking my permissions and not really changing anything, I went back to the campaigns module and used "save as" instead of save, and when I did, I changed the save destination to the campains folder, and it worked perfectly. So, it...
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    Patch 1.31.1 Backup Files

    Hey, I'm having some difficulties with this install. Most of the stuff in it works just fine, but when I try to save a campaign file it crashes, as explained in this other thread I made. I was advised to come here for advice. Anyone know what might be causing this?
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    [Crash] Editor crashes when saving a campaign (ver. 1.31)

    Alright, thank you for responding despite the long wait!
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    [Crash] Editor crashes when saving a campaign (ver. 1.31)

    Sorry for replying a week late, but it didn't work. I copy+pasted the new files into the main folder and it just crashed when I tried again. Is there a specific way I'm supposed to install it?
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    [Crash] Editor crashes when saving a campaign (ver. 1.31)

    Sounds good to me. Got a link?
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    [Crash] Editor crashes when saving a campaign (ver. 1.31)

    Yep. Tested on a completely blank file with nothing in it. No maps, imports or data.
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    Star Wars - Stormtrooper Pack

    I've been waiting for something nice like this!
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    [Crash] Editor crashes when saving a campaign (ver. 1.31)

    Howdy. I'm having a little trouble with 1.31's campaign editor. I try to save a new campaign and the editor crashes with this error Is there a specific thing I'm doing wrong that's causing this? Or does 1.31 just not work with the campaign editor? Will I have to roll back to an older version...