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    Paladin Pack

    Looking forward towards some Arthases.
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    Map Adapter

    Well, I heard there is a bug when upgrading from 1.27 to Reforged which deletes all the custom descriptions from object editor inside world editor. I mainly create stuff for 1.27, which is the version of the game that I have; as it allows me to play some older maps that I like and have saved on...
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    Map Adapter

    Can this be used to make old maps playable in Reforged?
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    Ragnar Flamebeard

    Struggling here a bit. How do I make this model use spell attack 2 when using a spell. Do I need 3 separate strings with "spell" "attack" and "2" or do I put all those words in one string? Using 1.27 editor. Edit 15/05/2022, problem was solved but I've discovered a minor bug with the model...
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    Just realized this account is almost as old as my door knob and I don't have an official title...

    Just realized this account is almost as old as my door knob and I don't have an official title on this site. If I were to describe the kind of stuff I do, I'd say I am a Asset fliper/noob who can also do some mediocre terraining. I mainly do solo small projects when the Wc3 Nostalgia kicks me in...
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    Round Village

    Hi, thanks for the feedback on both discord and hive. I decided to post here because I am on my other laptop and forgot my discord details. I tried to apply as many of the feedback provided as I could but I'm a bit burnt out atm. I'm doing 2 wc3 projects at once - this map and a melee expanded...
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    Upgrading from 1.27 to 1.31

    I was planning on doing the same thing. Next question for everyone is this: has this plan backfired for any of you?
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    Upgrading from 1.27 to 1.31

    Hi, I heard there was a bug with the World Editor that deletes all unit/object? descriptions from any custom unit created when updating from 1.27 and 1.29 all the day to 1.31. Is there a way to go around this bug? Could I just update to 1.30, save my map with that version, then go to 1.31 to...
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    Which version of WC3 should I play this with?

    Isn't 1.30.4 part of Reforged or am I remembering it wrong? Also the author of the campaign already answered that this is for 1.29.2 or newer just above your post.
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    Anyone got a matching icon (also using Spirit Walker on my map)
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    Why the Next RTS Will Fail!?

    For competitive multi player: you need to present your game as easy to pick up, while adding layers of complexity for casuals to explore. I think SC2's Co-Op mode provides a good model for how competitive multi player could be developed with a sustainable business model - sub races / factions...
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    3 Heros per techtree Upgrade instead of 1?

    The amount of triggers required to pull that off is far beyond my level of expertise. Sorry.
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    3 Heros per techtree Upgrade instead of 1?

    You mean 1 Blademaster per tech tree upgrade for a total of 3?
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    Round Village (Map)

    A rework of a RoC map made by Blizzard to accommodate TFT taverns and rule set. This map is now suited for FFA, 3v3 and 2v2v2. There are 3 taverns on this map because I was unwilling to put them in the top, where, by design, teams should be fighting for access to Goblin goodies + merc shops...
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    Round Village (Warcraft 3 Map)