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  • Can you please stop replying to threads that haven't had a post in 3 months or more?

    The rules say:

    Reviving old threads

    Reviving a thread that hasn't been posted in for the passing of three months is prohibited. Exceptions to this rule could be if you are the threads owner and if the message is of importance to the the owner or viewer of the thread.
    The Download Link of "Throne of Gods" its in the Thread now ...

    Give me feedback if something doesnt work
    Hello, you have recently voted in a poll regarding a techtree theme - Biome. If you could vote specifically what you had in mind in this thread it would be of great help.

    Thanks in advance!
    I used wrongly the map development thread for communicating with you while it is supposed to be used only for being used for communicating with players.
    I removed all posts related to development if you want you can do the same thing.
    Do not double post even if it's important. If you got anything more to say then please edit your last post. I hope you understand.
    it have been made do the first post so you will be able to manage development when I am not here
    It sound like an WC3 name!(Aldin Deathbringer)
    (Brainstorming for the thread name)
    I think to Summoners:Mastery of the kingdom.
    Or some stuff of this kind
    Maybe: Ritual cycle
    (With eventually prefixes and suffixes like of domination or cruel)
    Do you have parental allowance or more than 13 years(Yes I know the discrimination is sad but hive-workshop does this because they fear having an five years child typing random strings(really rare))
    Else if you give me the authorization I can create an thread for your map and it will be an lot more easy to use than chatting.
    Probably undead summoner and one other so they look different(undead might have some low level summons without channeling time who would need corpses for rushing early game opposite to others who generally need to channel for five to ten seconds for low level and 30 seconds for highest(of course the more you have buildings the faster is the summoning))
    I also through to the possibility that every building increase more or less mana income and that many summons would be permanent but would drain mana and there would be some temporary summons who would be casted very fast.
    I added an very simple capture system:if you destroy an building you own it.
    Also if you want the players to have units just add them to the map(Do not worry they will not get removed by my generator but for buildings it is an different story(terrain elevations does not affect buildings and so they get covered)) also I have updated the generator.
    If you think to any thing which could be added use the button for giving an infraction(or an pm I do not know)
    also it is the generator for your summoner arena do not forget so the heroes summons and balance will be done by you(I can help you with the summoning system and the power in function of what you control)
    Do you like the result of this generator?
    I can change what you want.
    Also do you have idea for heroes items and summons (If you want I can create an new thread in map development or idea factory or even in project recruitment for this map as it will be then an lot easier to cooperate and to recieve suggestions)
    Maybe an summoner arena(Your main power is your hero who can also summon awesome stuff and who take control of cities for having more power and doing better summons faster for controlling cities better until you overrun all the others heroes with the powers of your hero and your army of summons all the arena would be in an randomly generated world with some prebuilt cities (I already vaguely started the generator))
    You post fast!
    Also did you said you were my lord?
    I can help you if you do an awesome map project in the map development section or in the project recruitment section.
    I have basic knowledge in gui scripting and so can do simple stuff like using some if (get local player) or some random terrain generators (which create better terrains than me)
    I wanna clarify, do the potions keep the creepy bat wings?
    I wanted to ask. :cgrin:
    Welcome to the Hive hiphop4eva!
    I hope you enjoy your stay here.
    Feel free to create a thread in the Introductions subforum of the Off-Topic forum to introduce yourself to the community.
    If there is anything you need, feel free to contact me.
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