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Jul 16, 2019 at 3:43 AM
Jun 20, 2013


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Jul 16, 2019 at 3:43 AM
    1. Ardenian
      Well, I am no expert in modelling, but there is no... TC part under the wrap, this red mass, only the crystals are team coloured.
    2. Ardenian
      Uh, I started now, but, removing the plates results into a grating of the remaining gold parts, is it supposed to look like this ?
      Adding ornaments will result in a big grating golem.
    3. Ardenian
      Hey, do you still need the golem re-skin ?
    4. Ardenian
      Thank you very much!
    5. Ardenian
      I wonder, the BlackSunAssasin in your album, is it an available resource ?
      I keep searching for the very kind of this model, having a ring in their back ( found three up to now, without this one).
    6. Ardenian
      Alright, I will see, could take some time, have my very finals now, I hope you don't need it as fast as possible.
    7. Hayate
      Not Bad, I like it,
      this is My tweak
      Not sure if it's worsen or better, but if it's better, Try to Observe what I do
      you can add some minipause for stand one, Try it,

      I will Give Further Explanation Later, Like 7 hours later, Now im at School XD

      One thing Is, Try to Give some Little movement to Everything, That would make ur Stuff more lively, For example, When you raise left arm, Move the Right arm abit, give it some tiny movement, and the Chest As well...

      (Anyway, Ididnt do anything to Stand 3, Have no idea what i can do,
      I rushing everything XD
    8. Stefan.K
      Okay, thanks.
    9. Stefan.K
      Yes, it's that, but it won't work when i press right button. Maybe it is older version of the program. Would you mind sending me your version of the program?
    10. Stefan.K
      Hey, do you work with the matrix eater? Do you know how to open this window with "rebuild matrix"? here is the pic: [IMG]
    11. Hayate
      I can do that, you want me do it? Maybe an hour or tewo later xd now is very early morning here
    12. Hayate
      U mean u are asking if i can make logo? Errr not really, i can randomly draw logo but im not proffesion at it
    13. Stefan.K
      Hello there, just saw your gallery. You have some nice staff. Are you making whole race or?
    14. kakuzu
    15. Kyrbi0
      Hm, well...

      I appreciate your V2, but I'm thinking that I'm willing to wait a bit more; using the Raider unfortunately loses out on all the great parts of the Dragonspawn guy. I really appreciate your help, though, and understand if you'd rather not work on him again because of all this. <span style="font-size: 9px">(who knows; I recently figured out MDLvis so maybe I'll mess around a bit xD)</span>

      Do you happen to have the original-original, base model?
    16. Kyrbi0
      Oh wow, I see what you mean. I thought I had a copy that worked <span style="font-size: 9px">(I'll have to look on my home computer)</span>... Criminy.

      Any thoughts?
    17. Kyrbi0
      Hey thanks! I'm likin' the size & shape of the flank-plate; nice changes.

      I'm a little curious, though; what happened to his back? Did you just change the texture of the shell to the Dragonspawn skin? I was kinda looking more for some model editing to shrink/cut it down...

      More importantly, it appears you replaced the schweet Dragonspawn animations with the Wolf Rider. Not only is it missing the open-mouth biting action & other lizard-like stuff, but now it's missing that great 'basilisk-walk' (replaced by the wolf's loping run).

      Was this what you were talking about by "the other can't accept attachment"?
    18. Kyrbi0
      Hey, just an update: I saw this neato model, and thought that the Proto Drake's head is pretty darn cool; quite close to the concept I was envisioning.

      Perhaps, with Misha's permission, we could actually use it directly...?
    19. Kyrbi0
      Lol, I'm really sorry; I saw your message (which, I guess, was exactly 1 week ago... hope that wasn't your only available week), and I meant to reply. I had the start of a reply written up, but then I deleted all my private messages & it somehow corrupted the bookmark & now I lost everything... GAH I hate it when that happens. :<

      Anyway, because of all that & how late it is, I'll just try to run down & be brief(er) (if you still have any time; sorry again):


      The head is looking better, and the general proportions as well. Don't forget the previous VM about removing one set of armor plates (and/or switching them). About the turtle shell; neat idea, and it's a good type of armor. However, I'm not a big fan of how much it looks like the Dragon Sea Turtle (an enemy they will face in the campaign (Troll vs. Naga), and it's just a bit gaudy IMO.

      That being said, I realized that the shape/form/texture of the big scale/spikes on top of the shell are actually nearly perfect for what I was looking for... Would there be a way to 'cut off' the rim of the shell (and maybe the sides of the shell as well), and just use the spiked armor plates/scales that makes up the "top" of the shell? Maybe a tiny bit wider/longer, etc, but basically just that; snip off the edges and push the spike/scales into the skin so it looks 'natural' (still kinda liking/leaning towards the "natural > artificial", as in the Baloth & Gnathosaur images below).

      Let me know. Thanks again. Sorry again
    20. Idaero Ace
      Idaero Ace
      Ok thanks for your response. I was waiting for that. Maybe tomorrow will be finished
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