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Last Activity:
May 20, 2019 at 7:38 PM
Jun 20, 2013


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Himperion was last seen:
Viewing thread Shadows of Hatred v1.4, May 20, 2019 at 7:38 PM
    1. ILH
      Eyo, friends? :D
    2. BlackRangerXIII
      So we are actually country neighbors
      Greetings from Brazil
    3. BlackRangerXIII
      Excuse me but:
      Where are you from Himperion?
    4. Stefan.K
      Thank you.
    5. Stefan.K
      Happy New year, Himperion. :)
    6. Mechanical Man
      Mechanical Man
      ahh this one, yea I know about this thread, I thought it was a separate site.
    7. Hayate
      The animation is good :) I like it
      especially the stand ready, I was impressed.
      Attack 1 can have the leg that is on the ground stick to it's place, There are some twitching there,
      Attack 2 when the thing is pierce, when the "mini pause", could make him "bonce" the rotation of the chest abit, so that it shows some extra impacks,
      Attack 4 feels a little wierd, but I don't really know how to explain why :P
      Spell 1 is good to me
      Spell 2 could have some movement for the chest rotate to front when the hand rotating to the front, (Use the same frame)
      Spell blink and spell slam is perfect
      Spell throw 1 and 2 is little stiff, spell throw 2 can have root rotation with the leg staying on it's place. spell throw 1 can have slight movement (front and back) when waving (Refer your stand 4)

      the rest are good :P
    8. SpasMaster
      No, rather something else:
      -He lacks tattoos, which I am looking for in my request.
      -His hair is gray, not blonde.
      -This last one is not major, but I would prefer a reskin of Illidan's hair, rather than modifying it.

      Anyways, thanks for showing that to me. I hope I can get my hands on something that would match what I am looking for. :P
    9. SpasMaster
      Thanks! Although, I'll have to admit - I find some issues with it. Were you the one that created it?
    10. SpasMaster
      Hello. We don't know each other, nice to meet you. :)
      I was told to contact you regarding this thread. Is it true you have what I am looking for? If yes, would you be willing to share it with me? Thanks in advance.
    11. Mechanical Man
      Mechanical Man
      Interesting airship, but the baloon doesn't seem 'baloony' enough, also not round enough (even if it has more polies), I think that the bottom where the crew resides should be bigger too.
    12. Kyrbi0
      Ah, that's cool. Like an Elven "magi-tech" thing.

      Armored is fine, it just looks a bit... off. Also, the back doesn't need to be a propeller necessarily (the 4 big vanes on the back didn't look like/don't have to be spinning, necessarily); it looks fine stationary, just strange in the "how/why would they have actually built it this way" way. Perhaps those 4 big vanes can move side to side, like for steering?
    13. Kyrbi0
      Wow, looks pretty great to me. I like the crystal-fan things, and the end-caps on both the zeppelin & the "canoe" underneath.

      I worry about the relative 'boxiness' of the balloon, though; like, I know you have to fit the guns on top, but it's rather unnatural how flat it is on top & bottom. Could use some rounding. The back should have some kind of spinning propeller, no? (otherwise, why all the fuss with all that big flappy machinery?). Finally, the balloon's texture is wrapped fine, but might be a little stretched.

      Those are just my non-artsy-opinions, though. Looks cool; I'm curious, what is it for (race & project)?
    14. Stefan.K
      Have you considered to join the modeling contest?
    15. Stefan.K
      Hey, thanks for the merging walkthrough. You helped me a lot. Now is a lot easier to wrap the models.
    16. Hayate
    17. Hayate
      Will check it out tmr :p i gotta sleep hehe
    18. Kyrbi0
      Merge Geoset is from Retera's matrix eater
      This is killing me. I can't find it anywhere I expected it. How did I do this, then? I don't have the Matrix Eater...
    19. Ardenian
      Here, that's how it looks like.
    20. Ardenian
      Well, I am no expert in modelling, but there is no... TC part under the wrap, this red mass, only the crystals are team coloured.
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