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    Model - Request of Geomerges

    GASP.... I hear the forsakened name of Archaon the Annointed... but these....crusaders? Cavaliers? Blasphamey to the Chosen of the Gods..... (WarHammer junk) anywho I'd love to help but I don't know how to Geomerge.... sorry.... Cool ideas though...
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    Weaponless models needen please!!!

    Hell I'd be happy to make models weaponless...seeing as it's a skinning solution.... just pm me with what you want (if you want it) or you can just im me on AIM, TwistedEssence12 I'm usually on.... (also I may have problems skinning any TFT skins so I'd appreciate it if you sent me any TFT...
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    Crazy model request: Giant Floating Hand.

    At first I thought you could just alpha out everything but a hand on a skin then resize it but then mid typing I realsed A)It would make two hands, and B)most hands on WC3 models are just fists..... oh well can't help ya man
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    Keeper of Skulls

    Holy crap people downloaded my skin? I claim Moral Victory!
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    Inquisitor's First Skin?? WHA???

    lol I admit the skin isn;t marvelous.... I would have changed more but this one has to stick to a theme (it's for the Hero contest). He's supposed to be a troll witch doctor banished from his tribe for his practises utilising skulls. So there wasn't much I COULD change. The hero himself is what...
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    Keeper of Skulls

    Lol yes the skulls were covered with light straps to keep them held onto his back. The reason I chose that skull was because it looked much better than normal had that voodoo charm to it. And no wormskull the skull is from some Area 51 conspiracy site. I picked it for the sole...
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    Keeper of Skulls

    I was on purpose trust me.... I could have chosen a NORMAL skull... but that one is better for a skull filled with....stuff....
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    Simple Spell... Help!

    Okay I need to know how I would add a tigger that "Upon death caused by this skull, create *unit*" The spell is a modified Arial Shackles with the theme of "The wizard attempt to rip the skull out of the being, if succesful, a floating skull is created to serve the master". I already have...
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    Inquisitor's First Skin?? WHA???

    Yeah my first skin has finnaly hit the shelves. Hopefully it won't get deleted TOO fast lol. I dunno I'm only posting because I'm excited about this, I promise never to post about my skin again.... pic below and link to skin page: Skin Page...
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    Keeper of Skulls

    My first skin, had lots of fun with Photoshop CS. Admitingly I did some CnP (not as good as Hueter but oh well), I used Filters for a few things, and I just tinted the skin, the rest though is freehand (which isn't much I guess lol). So thanks for veiwing... can't wait for Wormskull to "approve"
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    Keeper of Skulls (Texture)

    A Keeper of Skulls character. For the Character Contest. A troll outcast by his tribe due to his "strange" habits. Made in Photoshop CS. First skin yay! Keywords: Keeper, of, skulls, bone, skull, skeleton, shaman, witch, doctor
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    Keeper of Skulls (Warcraft 3 Texture)

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    lol great Idea! 5/5
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    lol great Idea! 5/5
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    I'ma gonna guess this guy doesn't speak english as a primary language. Anywho, the skin looks good for starters, as everyone stated, not so much blood. Perhaps you should gray up the skin to make him look more....undead...