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  • Try adding the donation pool to the loading screen on Epic Clash, maybe a Korean might hear you.
    Hey did you get any donation? xD, I'm considering about doing the same with Duel of Gods, specially with the huge update Im adding now.
    No nothing. :\ My good PC's GPU is burnt
    There's something wrong with the icon of your map Epic Clash. It doesn't show anymore on the site.
    I had a lot of fun playing you're map with the AI's in it, its more fun!

    Edit: Do you mind sharing some spells their especially the burrow strike :vw_wtf: Cant seem to find a good one in the spells section.
    Here's an idea

    again from my game... not advertising or anything, it's been rejected 12 times and I understand why...

    The idea:

    update you AI, they need to be a bit more suicidal and less cowardly. In my game the AI always fights to the death, even if they are the ones dying... but to balance it out I made it so every time they die, they get some extra experience and stats at rebirth(cheating basically)

    It would also mean your game has an element of Learning/adaptability. That if a User(player) finds a winning strategy, the AI would always be able to over come it over time.

    The reason I'm suggesting this, is because it's frustrating to just about kill the enemy hero, then to have him just run away. It's annoying, very annoying.

    Good luck with your jass programming, Looking forward to the update
    That's pretty awesome!

    I'm going to enjoy playing that.

    I hate the fact that the pc can beat you even though you are standing in their base killing their units non stop...

    by the way, what actually qualifies as a point? What do you need to do to get points?


    I tied mana to my damage in my game.

    When your mana is over 4000, a percentage of the mana is used up with every attack and converted to damage.

    At one point I gave every one of my units a default mana shield. It just seems wrong that someone with a billion mana can be killed because they have 30 life. Which is why I just make it a rule at one point to have it that once your life is down, your mana goes down then you die.

    but I change that, it gets annoying at a point, so forget about it..

    but hopefully you got some ideas from all my babbling :D
    I have some ideas for all hero based maps you may have...

    just small helping thingy ma bobs.

    Level ups cause area effect damage, just to kill an extra bunch of people when you gain a level.

    mana is always tied to damage, we always find extra mana lying around when we level up our heroes. Mana that isn't being used because spells can only use a max of 1000 mana. Each time the mana reaches over a certain number, mana is tied to damage using some mana to make the damage stronger.

    Score cards need to be a bit more competitive. Having a score goal(first to) kinda makes it irritating and kills the fun. Rather have a shared score card, that each kill you do lowers your enemies score and raises yours.

    and um...

    Yes I think that's it...

    I'm just suggesting this because I like your maps and I just want to play an awesomer game...

    But also because these are really small changes and easy to do.
    Hello, my name is Daniel. Could you test my map duel of gods? Test command please xd. And do a full review? I also need help with the Ai, btw the repick command bugs after 9 heroes.

    Also take a look at my Sylvanas, i kinda liked yours but tu me she is more an Alleria or Veressa. Also consider using other name since Jennala was a mob slayned by sylv in the campaing. Btw jenn is Op. Sylv tshot aura makes her lame. And improve the casting time of your supportive abilities, you loose 1.5 seconds casting sprint and others.
    Hello, my name is Daniel and I am the creator of Duel of Gods. I was wondering ifbyou could review my map and heroes, items, etc. Also I wanted to ask you for help to create an AI for my map. Rigth now you can open my map with the WE and see the triggers. I use GUi but that doesnt limit my creativity.

    BTW make the minions of your map conquer sigth points and make wards cheaper, it will help a lot on the playability, especially since minions dont do that much. And PLEASE ADD BLACK ARROW TO SYLVANAS and take tshot aura out, in wow and in lore she prefers life drain, and vanish. Also check my sylvanas spells xddd. And ell me where u got that terrain skin t.t
    Oh, I meant to message that to ashandrel.

    Ah, I can't review your map right now because there is still roughly 40 pending maps on Hive that I must review.
    Hi Hexed! I will do a review, but only after the quality is stepped up a little. You can accelerate the process by notifying me and telling more about the "problems" if you feel they are a non-issue.
    the AI I made is not from AI editor but a JASS coded AI. I coded them differently on each hero to ensure skill usage. Demo map? i dont have a demo-map but i can tell the my AI are 100% coded.
    Hello, been away for a while (school stuff). If you still want to ask the question, its ok. Its been like 2 months. :p and Thanks for that.
    No worries , Im busy with school too , Anyway

    How did you make the AI ?, Can you provide me the link ?, Is it GUI ?, or JASS ?

    Sorry , For the questioning about this , I just wanna learn how to make AI ;(

    Also , Can you make me Demo Map ?, If you can :)
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