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  • That's fairly easy in most cases it can be done with freely available tools, like MDLVIS. It is not the best tool for skinning, but good enough for making quality stuff. Btw, what program do you use for creating/editing meshes? I use Milkshape. There you have a texture coordinate editor included ("tool" for skinning). Using ingame skins works the same way as skinning with custom skins. All you need to do before, is to export with magos the desired ingame skin (ends with the extension .blp mostly) into the folder of the corresponding model and convert it with BLP Lab into .jpg. Skinning in MDLVIS can be done more directly (no conversion into .jpg needed). When the model is finished, you add the ingame skin in Magos to the model (the ingame skins are located inside the MPQs; just right-click on the desired one and go to "Use as texture" option). :wink:
    hmm.. odd.. have you checked on which bone you have rigged it, and if it's even a bone.. rigging a geoset to certain helper objects can make a lot of the derp-ups.. you also can get rid of the helper objects by opening the .mdl of your model in notepad, replacing all 'Helper' words with 'Bone'. But be sure to exit the notepad and save on prompt, so it doesn't mess up the model. then after that, try re-rigging. I use mdlvis for that

    helpful? oO
    Your're welcome. :wink: I just took a look @ the result....i think it could need the following changes:
    1) a somewhat shorter and rounder (lesser pointy) chin (lower jaw)
    2) slightly smaller ears
    3) a now that resembles a bit more the human/elven noses

    This aside, you could make this model with ingame skins, like using the regular WC3 skins, especially of forest troll and changing a bit the color with a geoset animation (the forest troll's skin is red, so i think adding a bit of dark red as the geoset animation's color should do the trick). :wink:
    You mean this one? Sure you can. Feel free to use and edit it as you want. :wink: If you make another ressource out of it, just contact me once you uploaded it so that i can post my permission there again. :wink:
    I.. did not quite 'get' the second part of the sentence o_O
    (and yeah i can be confused just as easily as amused, lol)
    lol.. hope you aren't offended, but some of your replies on resources are pretty comical to me :xxd: and no, not in a bad way :)

    You don't want to be a major important guy in my campaign?
    You could be a Death Knight.
    Just seen the Tauren you edited for me.

    Thank you very much Herr.
    You could be anyone, but not the Night Elves.

    They will not appear in my campaign, but the Horde, Scourge, and Alliance will.
    Hey Herr.
    Could you look at my request and see if you can do it?

    I just need a Spirit Walker looking Tauren unit that uses the texture of the Spirit Walker. :p
    heyo :) could you make a habit of writing up a changelog when you update your resources? it's much easier to check things up then :)
    Hehe okay :). Anyway, the model rules have this clause. I can give you olofmoleman's email if you need it.
    We have a rule that says if you cannot get in touch with a model maker (olofmoleman), you can edit it and give him credit.
    You could do the Villager to for the Zombies, and yeah that hat is useful and could you edit it so it looks like a Police Hat?
    Also the Ghoul would be perfect for the Licker.
    Would it be possible to create a hat for the zombie model in Warcraft III?
    Never really done it myself honestly, and could it be done?

    Thank you very much HerrDave Scourge of the Endless Undead, Bringer of Destruction, Destroyer of Humanity. :p
    You could always have a hatless police zombie.
    Warlord Ajer'laroir the Dreamweaver a little like Ysera. :p
    So which zombie?
    I think it would be nice if it was a police man so then someone could make a Police Station for a RE Map.
    its in-active, as you may heard that a few of our greatest members signed out.
    i have GIMP but i don't like using it because it takes me a long time for it to start...
    well i think i will do heavy job there and simple things in paint.net xd
    Reputation (+4):
    (Post) Since I can only give a rep one time per day, this should count for both the Witch King and the Orc Slasher. GJ. ^^
    im planning to give you more rep.. but hive don't let me :(

    i will help whatever you want... if i can
    samething that SeedinAethyr say to you
    just the one need help may probably be me ==

    just telling you...
    nice tool that i think to use for editing model
    Matrix Eater
    Welcome to the Hive HerrDave!
    I hope you enjoy your stay here.
    Feel free to go to the Introductions thread in Off-Topic to introduce yourself to the community.
    If there is anything you need, feel free to contact me. I'm no admin, but don't be afraid to send me a Visitor Message about anything.
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