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Last Activity:
Feb 11, 2020
Nov 29, 2012

Awarded Medals 1

Sep 30, 1999 (Age: 20)
Software Engineer (SE) Student


a.k.a MeisterVins/Binsu, 20, from Philippines

By the way, I'm very thankful to those who greeted me a birthday greeting. Have a greeat day! Oct 22, 2016

Hell_Master was last seen:
Feb 11, 2020
    1. IamFootman061
      Will do. Thank you :)
    2. PlankingWolf
      Hey, 'sup. (I only posted this coz' I'm lonely D: )
    3. Randomall
      Approve my maps please congrats that u become a moderator :goblin_good_job:
    4. IcemanBo
      There is no need for a disbute about this, but fact is:

      I know what bowser said to me, and there was no need to implement it because I already used this effective methode even in my contest entry but with "custom scripts", not in JASS.

      Now it's the same methode but written all in JASS.

      Maybe it still can be bit improved for sure, like almost every code, but has nothing todo with bowser's suggestion.

      I know it's not 100% smooth as it is in non-wc3 games with arrow keys, but thats also a problem of the engine itself, so I recommend to play it with a delay reducer tool, to keep it a minimum.
    5. IcemanBo
      But your comment was not very nice and matching... because you didnt check it I think :s

      For my own insight, Good job, I have played this map though the movement system is not that smooth and as what bowser499 suggested to you, it would be better if you would use JASS for the movement system to be much smoother and better.
      1st He suggested me two things:
      - to use SetUnitX/Y instead of MoveUnitInstantly, but I already used it, he just didnt know that..
      - to use 0.3125 instead of 0.01 trigger fire, but that would not be fitting good to the system, so I didnt change it (would not work better with it)

      The movement systems are written in JASS in v1.1. They only were not in v1.0
    6. tomoraider
      Thanks for approving my campaign, and congrats on becoming a mod!
    7. Malhorne
      You're welcome :3
    8. Malhorne
      Congrats bro ;)
    9. edo494
      eh, just noticed you are new Map moderator, congratulations :D maybe there will be more maps approved now
    10. Chen
      Congratulations! You deserve it.
    11. CoLd Bon3
      CoLd Bon3
      Thanks, man! :)
    12. I_am_Death
      man, now u're mod
      congratz xD
      and jealous :c (jst kiddin' :))
    13. Shadow Fury
      Shadow Fury
      Congratulations then! I am sure you will be a great moderator!
    14. SeedinAethyr
      Thanks for the support, but I don't think I'd be a very good moderator. I haven't contributed anything to the Hive (all the current moderators have resources on the Hive), I'm really bad with responsibilities, and I'm also very bad at making important decisions. I'm not very active around the forums and all the moderators (except Tarrasque) are regular posters.
    15. Mythic
      No problem! :cgrin:
    16. Rheiko
      Your dream has come true
      I can only say Good luck
      and make sure you'll be the one who moderate land of fairies :3
    17. Shadow Fury
      Shadow Fury
      Wait a minute, I saw you approved a map. So whoever joins the group of "Map Reviewers" has the power to approve maps or is it a special permission given from someone?
    18. -Kobas-
      There you go. :)
      From this point forward, I expect to see you act professional all around site.

      Congrats. :)
    19. Forsaken
      Yeah, thanks, i have upload another one, but u need moderate the old one, they are always asking for accepted the map, just a suggestion,and good luck :D
    20. Hell_Master
      Thanks for the compliments everyone.
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  • About

    Sep 30, 1999 (Age: 20)
    Software Engineer (SE) Student
    WarCraft 3 Account:
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    US West
    Let's start out with the word, 'passionate'. Something that a peer of mine describes me. Seeing how I do face task with that fire burning inside my eye. I am passionate about a lot of things.

    Back in 1st year High School, the concept and understanding of basic programming language (such as C++) made me realize how I'm willing to learn more, to dwell deeper into this specific language. Fast forward to right now, I continue on striving hard for my course and carefully, absorbing the learnings from it. On the process learning bits of some other programming languages such as C#, Java, Racket, Python, and Visual Basic.

    Aside from my primary passion, it's my hobby as well to do Video Editing (AMVs, MMVs, Lyrics Video and etc.) and from that, having a Youtube Channel of the same name here (Shameless Advertisement, lol) to showcase my work. There's drawing as well whenever I feel like doing so.


    "If you don't have the confidence, it would be best not to be reckless."
    -Lass Isolet
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