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hell gate
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Jun 25, 2017
Nov 23, 2008

hell gate

i guess im back?

hell gate was last seen:
Jun 25, 2017
    1. -Berz-
    2. -Berz-
      Attach Abilities\Weapons\GreenDragonMissile\GreenDragonMissile.mdl to the dummy(the one that is using illidan evil missile as a model)

      And attach (dunno) Abilities\Spells\Human\Banish\BanishTarget.mdl to the target.

    3. Kingz
      You are geting better^^
    4. Freeze87
      Can you help me,Why some maps have picture on Epic War and other maps don't have??? My map have Preview image but on epic war can't be see...
    5. shamanyouranus
    6. shamanyouranus
      May I ask why you want to be my friend?
    7. Paladon
      Interesting. Currently, i can't figure out why.
    8. Paladon
      I've no idea why and what's happening.
    9. Aspard
      If you need any tooltips written in good English you can always ask me. It's the only thing I won't make any mistakes in. In comparison to triggers =)
    10. Septimus
      why i should credit you when i did not use your spells?
    11. redscores
      Download my missile system (the newer one), there in the header is a function which gives you the Z facing if you give the function certain parameters.
    12. Yearight
      Just to inform you that I added a new spell to the pack if you wonna give it critique :)
    13. Dark_Dragon
      ahh i saw it there! however ofc it does not work since his spell is made in jass he wrote his own custom functions thats why its impossible for u to write this in GUI... and i really am not sure did he wrote that coz using gc??? i dont think he is using it but anyway lets say he does. so you will need a few custom script lines in GUI to make all this work. i currently ofc dont know which functions he coded and what that formula is supposed to do... so you will need to ask -JH directly on how could you easy inline his functions in GUI. however all this is coz u have problem with JNGP? what the problem coz fixing that is smth i can help u with...

      and note that almost no one is coding in jass anymore so make sure that vjass works for u! actually u dont need JNGP u need JH!
    14. Dark_Dragon
      sry i am not sure at whic exactlly part do u need help... with that height u said. need some formula or what? i can help but need to know whats ur problem and by only telling chain height i am not sure what u need xD

      pm me or smth!
    15. Deuterium
      look at the top of ur window... there's a Pastebin

      upload it there... and PM me the link ;)
    16. Deuterium
      Oh btw... i didn't get your question about the pentagram thing... can I see the spell?
    17. Deuterium
      I usually have to come up with the trigger to know...

      But an idea would be to set a periodic trigger which checks (through distances) which unit is least distant to the fire dummy... and then orders the dummy to follow that unit.

      I can't think of a good way to do it right now... but it's gonna take some work and math to do it I guess :P

      If I finish studying early I'll check up on that.
    18. TheBlooddancer
      Who are you? :D
    19. Kingz
      I found the bug in your spellpack, i posted the problem and it's solution in the thread of the spellpack^^
    20. Kingz
      Nice spell for your first spell on the hive^^
      Most of the users that post their first spell are crap :p
      Also if you want i can show you how to implement a damage special effect to the units that get damaged by the orbs...
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