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hell gate
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Jun 25, 2017
Nov 23, 2008

hell gate

i guess im back?

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Jun 25, 2017
    1. jk2pach
      Not unfair, they have rules to respect. I simply do not have time to add a decay animations to all of my units
    2. WherewolfTherewolf
      Nah I can trigger that spell by myself, it's not that hard. I just didn't think to base the key of the unit instead of the player.
    3. jk2pach
      Well the thing is they do not need decay, but for this reason, moderation has placed them in "need fixed" categories.

    4. jk2pach
      They are not approved cause no Decay animation *_*
    5. Red
      lmao no harm done... I actually stopped for a minute and thought maybe I had offered to do some kind of space ship project for someone and had forgotten...?! >:P
    6. Red
      Alien Space ships? Are you sure you've got the right person? lol
    7. chilla_killa
      Haha, you believed me :D
      Ralle would never ban someone for that stupid reason ^^
      Have a nice day :P
      +2rep for the shock ^^
    8. chilla_killa
      Too late, Ralle will soon competely IP ban you from the Hive Workshop!!!
      You have 3 days left here ;)
    9. Freeze87
      Ok, but i dont ask you to make new spells, you can just edit Firebolt spell from 1 spell pack, you have link in my request and change it to Frostbolt or Poisonbolt. I only need diferent effect on explosion, pro like you can edit that spell and change it in 15 min. But if you dont have time it is np :)
    10. Freeze87
    11. hell gate
      hell gate
      yey birthday! :D
      finaly 16
    12. Scythy Dervish
      Scythy Dervish
      @telenode: done ^^
    13. Soul Theft
      Soul Theft
      download the sig. upload it to your album then see BBcode copy it and paste it in the place where you put signatures
    14. Soul Theft
    15. Scythy Dervish
      Scythy Dervish
      thanks for the cake :D
      my PC is fixed (a loose cable at the hard disk cO)

      €dit: Model came as fast as I can
    16. Scythy Dervish
      Scythy Dervish
      Hi Hellgate ^^
      I would send you your modell as soon as I can but today my Computer crashed...
      what a wonderful birthday present -.-
      but if I gte my harddisk to work I'll send you the model ^^
    17. Illidan(Evil)X
      Then you have to either add mirrored animations to the unit, or change the map perspective. It's likely the sanest methods.

      Also, you could use the dummy method by separating the unit model into multiple models, with one animation per model. Then you can remove/add animations (models) to the dummy at will.
    18. Illidan(Evil)X
      Hmm.. That would most likely produce the same result as setting the unit facing angle..

      You could attach the unit as a special effect to a invisible dummy model with two animation (left and right), but that would take away the ability to control the effect's animation.
    19. Illidan(Evil)X
      Without additional animations? There's only one way I can think of right now:
      Change the perspective from top-down to sideways. Only then will the facing angle work correctly.
    20. Illidan(Evil)X
      The Jet-packer character is always facing a set angle. The visual facing direction is faked using mirrored animations.
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