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Last Activity:
Jan 15, 2021
May 7, 2010

Awarded Medals 2


Heinvers — Arena Moderator

Discord tag DZEE#7025 for chat., Male, from EU

Staff Member
Heinvers was last seen:
Jan 15, 2021
    1. Shar Dundred
      Shar Dundred
      Indeed, sir. May I say that your fur looks incredible today?
    2. Shar Dundred
      Shar Dundred
      A nice monocle you got there, sir.
    3. Chaosy
      Unpopular opinion boys.

      Are you saying I am lazy?! [SPOILER]
    4. Keiji
      Not this day, no.

      This day 24 years ago, yes.
    5. Shar Dundred
    6. Shar Dundred
    7. morbent

      Lets not lie, those icons are damned weak but them awesome friends will never say it to your face. Oh well. I'll try to finish them though. Effects - my weak point! Really. And colors. Hopefully I got some experience out of it, in effects I mean.

      Well kinda? That doesn't sound convincing enough D: But okay is eh.. good enough perhaps. Not amazinglyawesomelyamazedinheavenlike as I would have liked you to feel but.. okay is fine xD
    8. David
    9. Roland
      Yargy yarg yarg
    10. Roland
    11. Shar Dundred
      Shar Dundred
      Shar Dundred, How about ya' torture guy?
      I'm preparing my newest instrument of torture. <3
    12. Tauer
      Thanks man :)
    13. Nichita_00
      Uìte, am intrat din nostalgie. Maì intru să văd modele şi texturì noì, mă gândesc că pòate maì fac şi eù ceva... Din caùza inactivităţiì am terminat-o cu WC3, şi acum sunt cam prèa ocupat ca să mă maì pot juca în voìe. Plus că mereù ambiţiìle mele în legătură cu jocurile aù fost fòarte marì. Cine ştie, pòate într-o zi se va ivi vrèun joc de strategie similar căruìa îì voì dăruì şi eu câteva texturì şi iconiţe maì şmechere.
    14. Nichita_00
      Salutare! Într-adevăr, am maì cunoscut acum mulţì anì pe cineva conaţìonal pe acèastă pagină a păìenjenişuluì.
    15. Hebert09
      1st take on exploding deeping wall.
    16. Roland
    17. Mad
      I'm fine :) It has just been a little busy for me lately, since I moved to a boarding school.
    18. Winimasker
      Why are your reps disabled sometimes? I'm confused. @.@

      By the way, hi! How are you? :)

      I like your BTNProtossZ. :)
    19. SA Dashie
      SA Dashie
      Yeh, I did that for a mini mapping contest before.
      I just set out the terrain shape and organized the doodads in the object editor and never touched it again.
      I think it could have turned into something really good tbh lol.

      Btw I don't think I'll be ditching this place any time soon.
      I might once I finish my desired projects that I've been working on.
      Mostly just a couple of maps that I have nostalgia with and the 3D object collision and jump system.

      After that I'll probably do something with my life xD.

      Considering that doing those alone is a lot of work.
    20. sonofjay
      Tired and feeling a little sick.
      Can't work on TC atm, have to finish Zwei's request this week.
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  • About

    Current Project:
    Sewing Chaos, toppling modern slavery and Kekistan support. Join me!
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    Scarlet Crusade
    StarCraft II Account:
    Staff Position:
    Arena Moderator
    July 20th 2016 - Aug 6th 2017 was a fun time :]
    Thank you all for bearing with me during that period.

    May 2018 - Welcome Zero Tolerance 2.0
    June 2018 - ZT 2.0 Ty bloody bonkers.
    July 2018 - November 1st 2018 - Real life.
    November 1st 2018 and onward - Resurrecting the dead.
    December 2nd 2018 - December 16th - I live once more with Naze in the Arena.
    December 16th 2018 and ongoing - Kekistan support.
    January 1st 2019 and onward - at it again.
    May 21st 2019 - the Arena overhaul, ongoing Kekistan support.
    July 15th 2019 - spreading around, ongoing Kekistan support, the Arena struggle.


    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    My resources are free to edit for anyone. Only Credits needed :]
    Try to better yourself and seek constructive feedback before saying that you are amazing. Find me on Discord as DZEE#7025 if you're looking for a chat :]
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