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Last Activity:
Jan 15, 2021 at 4:22 PM
May 7, 2010

Awarded Medals 2


Heinvers — Arena Moderator

Discord tag DZEE#7025 for chat., Male, from EU

Staff Member
Heinvers was last seen:
Jan 15, 2021 at 4:22 PM
    1. morbent
      Yea but if the person making the model shares it and the rest can use it.. Hmm.. Btw, limit for texture size? 512x512 or 256x256?
    2. morbent
      Heinvers are you sure we should exclude custom models? Since people are asking... I guess it's something wanted so, why not include it :? Besides, it won't really hurt the contest in any way right? Everyone can look through custom models on the Hive.. and also, custom models made by the user would be a bit unfair but if he uploads them to Hive and make his model available to everyone, I'm thinking we could include it as well?
    3. morbent
      Awesome! He's still our <span style="font-size: 26px">moose </span>chieftain heh, can't deny that.

      I feel like people are voting for what might be useful instead of fun and that my lame theme Doodads might actually win ;____; I just thought it would be interesting but not.. THAT interesting. And I had to vote on it, after all, I proposed it. How dumb would it be not to vote for it... Uh.

      Go Revenants! Not the best but.. not the worst at least.
    4. The Panda
      The Panda
      Thank you!
    5. Mad
      First of many :D
    6. Keiji
      Ask Ralle about getting a notice for the thing.

      I think we've decided to go through with notices
      for theme discussion threads.

      But they will still stay in the Contest Submission forum.
    7. Forsaken
      Hehe, I guess so. :)
      How are you anyway?
    8. Forsaken
      Oh, Hi!
      I think that I changed last week. :P
    9. morbent
      You still haven't voted!
    10. N.Knight
      oh! That means I need to catch-up on things. I will review your other skins as well.
      You are becoming prolific as an artist, keep it up!
    11. N.Knight
      how much rep should I spread before I can give back to heinvers again?!
    12. APproject
      I suppose, hehe. Thanks to you of course, without that tutorial you provided it would look completely different in terms of lighting, it would be all white with some blue in the sky, now it is much more colorful. Looking forward to your entry, drop the bomb! :)
    13. InfernalTater
      Because I'm so addicted to the infernal emote that I made my own edit.
    14. InfernalTater
    15. InfernalTater
      Well, then, in that case

    16. InfernalTater
      My favorite ogre smilies, or my favorite smilies overall?

      Well, if just ogres, then:ogre_rage::ogre_icwydt::ogre_hurrhurr::ogre_haosis::ogre_datass:

      Kinda looks like a bunch of apples with sour personalities.
    17. InfernalTater
      Huh. I like most of the ogre smilies, personally.
    18. InfernalTater
      It's going alright.

      Why do you hate ogre smilies?
    19. Keiji
      Why is it odd? Polls usually, or rather, should usually stay in the contest submission forum.
      The Arena, the main forum, is for contests, contest polls and results. And yes, it's not usual
      to post notices for theme discussion threads/polls.
    20. Deolrin
      I assume the issue's been taken care of then? :P
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    Current Project:
    Sewing Chaos, toppling modern slavery and Kekistan support. Join me!
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    Scarlet Crusade
    StarCraft II Account:
    Staff Position:
    Arena Moderator
    July 20th 2016 - Aug 6th 2017 was a fun time :]
    Thank you all for bearing with me during that period.

    May 2018 - Welcome Zero Tolerance 2.0
    June 2018 - ZT 2.0 Ty bloody bonkers.
    July 2018 - November 1st 2018 - Real life.
    November 1st 2018 and onward - Resurrecting the dead.
    December 2nd 2018 - December 16th - I live once more with Naze in the Arena.
    December 16th 2018 and ongoing - Kekistan support.
    January 1st 2019 and onward - at it again.
    May 21st 2019 - the Arena overhaul, ongoing Kekistan support.
    July 15th 2019 - spreading around, ongoing Kekistan support, the Arena struggle.


    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    My resources are free to edit for anyone. Only Credits needed :]
    Try to better yourself and seek constructive feedback before saying that you are amazing. Find me on Discord as DZEE#7025 if you're looking for a chat :]
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