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Last Activity:
Nov 17, 2019
May 7, 2010

Awarded Medals 2


Heinvers — Arena Moderator

Discord tag DZEE#7025 for chat., Male, from EU

Staff Member
Heinvers was last seen:
Nov 17, 2019
    1. PlankingWolf
      Yeah, I saw it awhile ago.
    2. Deleted member 219079
      Deleted member 219079
      Oh I hope he's not been hacked :/
    3. Forsaken
      Oh, hello! :)
    4. Deleted member 219079
      Deleted member 219079
    5. Kwaliti
      No probs.
    6. knight820
      Lol.. never heard of them btw
    7. Zed
      Because you are one of the best guys in the Hive :)
    8. Zed
      Can i nominate you for the Merit Badge? :)
    9. knight820
      The last time I saw yours was 600+
      But, man you're doing good here!
    10. knight820
      You still growing some reps, I see
      Nice avatar :)
    11. knight820
      It's been a long time, eh?
    12. Love Seeker
      Love Seeker
      I can't play the maps :vw_wtf:
    13. Chaosy
      I've been experimenting a bit, but I have not worked on the project in particular.
    14. Kwaliti
      Paint whatever you want team colored black on the diffuse texture, and on the alpha channel paint the details of the black area in black and white, taking into account the fact that black = transparent and white = not transparent on the alpha channel. That only works, however, if the model actually supports the area you want team colored for TC. In case it doesn't, you'll end up with a transparent area rather than team colored, and you'd have to modify the model's materials instead.
    15. Love Seeker
      Love Seeker
      Ya. I know and that's reason to request you
      I can't download files from wc3c
    16. Love Seeker
      Love Seeker
      Hello, Heins! Can I ask if you have AMAI Player Edition. Can you share with me?
      Because I don't have/installed PERL. :vw_sad:
    17. Asomath
      I...I don't like to talk about it.
    18. TheWhiteWolf
      Thanks :) I started designing recently, so I made the avatar in like 2 minutes or so :3
    19. Vengeancekael
      Thank you ;) <3
    20. xAerox
      Owh sorry lol xD I quoted from a comedian lol :P
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  • About

    Current Project:
    Sewing Chaos, toppling modern slavery and Kekistan support. Join me!
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    Scarlet Crusade
    StarCraft II Account:
    Staff Position:
    Arena Moderator
    July 20th 2016 - Aug 6th 2017 was a fun time :]
    Thank you all for bearing with me during that period.

    May 2018 - Welcome Zero Tolerance 2.0
    June 2018 - ZT 2.0 Ty bloody bonkers.
    July 2018 - November 1st 2018 - Real life.
    November 1st 2018 and onward - Resurrecting the dead.
    December 2nd 2018 - December 16th - I live once more with Naze in the Arena.
    December 16th 2018 and ongoing - Kekistan support.
    January 1st 2019 and onward - at it again.
    May 21st 2019 - the Arena overhaul, ongoing Kekistan support.
    July 15th 2019 - spreading around, ongoing Kekistan support, the Arena struggle.


    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    My resources are free to edit for anyone. Only Credits needed :]
    Try to better yourself and seek constructive feedback before saying that you are amazing. Find me on Discord as DZEE#7025 if you're looking for a chat :]
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