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Last Activity:
Oct 16, 2020
May 7, 2010

Awarded Medals 2


Heinvers — Arena Moderator

Discord tag DZEE#7025 for chat., Male, from EU

Staff Member
Heinvers was last seen:
Oct 16, 2020
    1. AL0NE
      Hey, about your current avatar, you mean this right? The link you gave me was broken/wrong, I can only see a white dot. LOL. But it's okay. No need for a larger image. I can use the one in the forums. I did Chaosy's in the default 100x100 as well. :)
    2. Mythic
      The rep gap went down to 243. :<

      I QUIT.
    3. AL0NE
      Sure. As long it's within my ability. :) So I probably can't take model requests. :/
    4. Mythic
      I lol'd.

      I'm back bitches xD
    5. Mythic
      CM - Indefinite Vacation would be good. :D
    6. Mythic
      Heinvers, I am resigning from the workshop.

      (Because our 239 rep gap went to 250, then back down to 246.) Er.. It's one of those days that I lose motivation with the Hive and go fully into gaming for around 6 months. I might be back for a month or two, someday.
    7. Deleted member 219079
      Deleted member 219079
      Can I have 2? :O Feeling a bit down cuz I got school starting soon and I don't feel like wanting to learn
    8. Deleted member 219079
      Deleted member 219079
      I hope not, he could get quite good D:
    9. Deleted member 219079
      Deleted member 219079
      Well, I recommend you NOT to use his program until mod has confirmed it secure, so >_< I'm just being preventive
    10. Chaosy
      prove your worth, young padawan.
    11. Chaosy
      fawk it, I double post.

      I am not that kinky y'kno. I can get cancer by doing that anyway, I rather not risk. Well, the icon works fine, if I would complain about that icon it wouldn't be the quality. The icon is rather hard to remake into a human looking guy.
    12. Chaosy
      I blame Cake Master. His cakes makes you focus on them instead of work. Seriously though, it should be rather useful to run that workshop of yours.
    13. Chaosy
      You still haven't finished the terrain anyway ;)
    14. Chaosy
      yeah, I will try to improve my vjass skills. (campaigns doesn't support vjass D:)

    15. Roland
      niqqa! u der?
    16. chobibo
      Super Feels!

    17. Roland
      That's all I had. You can Image resize it.
    18. Brygor009
      hello i have a question for you can you make me a dwarf priest? thanks if you can :)
    19. Roland
      Your avatar is up, I don't think you would like some of the errors on the Halo chief, I did so well, I hope you appreciate it.
    20. Geries
      Being lazier than ever, wasted whole summer playing world of warcraft.. I'm so not looking forward university, idk, my productivity is below zero. Summing all up, I'm like every other time :D

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  • About

    Current Project:
    Sewing Chaos, toppling modern slavery and Kekistan support. Join me!
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    Scarlet Crusade
    StarCraft II Account:
    Staff Position:
    Arena Moderator
    July 20th 2016 - Aug 6th 2017 was a fun time :]
    Thank you all for bearing with me during that period.

    May 2018 - Welcome Zero Tolerance 2.0
    June 2018 - ZT 2.0 Ty bloody bonkers.
    July 2018 - November 1st 2018 - Real life.
    November 1st 2018 and onward - Resurrecting the dead.
    December 2nd 2018 - December 16th - I live once more with Naze in the Arena.
    December 16th 2018 and ongoing - Kekistan support.
    January 1st 2019 and onward - at it again.
    May 21st 2019 - the Arena overhaul, ongoing Kekistan support.
    July 15th 2019 - spreading around, ongoing Kekistan support, the Arena struggle.


    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    My resources are free to edit for anyone. Only Credits needed :]
    Try to better yourself and seek constructive feedback before saying that you are amazing. Find me on Discord as DZEE#7025 if you're looking for a chat :]
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