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  • Im fine, have a new job now , now have less time to work on the map, but I have already done a lot of work so the beta is near...
    I think you know better then me what this map need ) Try to fixx laag issue .
    About the gameplay its good you trying make it every game different with random spawn and events ) like the Idea. Also the central hall seems to be too much open space ... maybe need to be fixed.
    Glad you turn back !)
    Real Life shit must be the priority )) thats suck .... ) I wish you can upload the new version asap )
    Ok Rohan militia cant see the enemy even if the enemy is fighting near of it until it being attacked .... little bug ...
    Hope you will upload the new version soon, Id like to test it and maybe make a video )
    Happy Birthday! (Happy Birthday!)

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    Wow, that's really cool..... just watched a video. By the way, if you have Photoshop CS 5.5 or higher, it supports 3d painting as well (using .obj files). This is quite easy to get your hands on without spending a months salary, if you know what i mean.
    In 3ds max, mirroring will not flip the normals.... if it does, you can always use the "normal" modifier from the modifiers list.
    i dont remember where i saved it on my computer, do you need it ?

    Havent used it yet .

    Do you want to see my alpha prewiev map ? )
    You do not imagine how much I want play it with people...Id like to play as Aragorn ... or Gandalf that defending the city till the Kings arrive .... )
    Hey! The white texture is from the UI/Glues/Singleplayer folder, from the human vanilla campaign screen. You can find it quite easily in the MPQ browser of magos war3 model editor. The grey ones are either from the cathedral, or from the MoreCityBuildings.blp texture which you can find in the Doodads/Cityscape/Structures folder. Actually, it is quite simple to just open one of the models in magos and check windows>texture manager to see the paths. From there you can also right click>export them and save them as .tga for use in 3ds max. Good luck!
    Sure, I will test the map with you with a big pleasure! Just tell when you want do it ok _?I will do my best. and hope you will unerstand correctly my english ...)))
    The Minas tirith is so beautiful, but I have a little suggestion, expand little first level walland make itshorter, it should be walkable.
    Saying this keep in mind that I will give you a hand if you will ask!
    Well next ear is close enough ) just one month ... I realy hopeyouwill make Minas Tirith siege map, you have already made the terrain, just make heroes and units and then we will see how it is going and what we can add.
    One thing I realy liked in other minas tirith map I have played, that some player start defending the city like gandalf faramir and pipin, and others Aragorn Gimli and Legolas have the quests in the path of the dead ... and after they conquest the pirates ships they come to the battle fields with supply .... that is realy id like to see well made..... Hope you will decide to make it !
    The question now is, there are many good helms deep map, and your is my favorite, but i think the real what people would like to play is the Minas tirith siege map, with your custom models...what do you think ? I would like to help if you will ...
    My friend how are you ? I have the free time now, i would like to play the Helms deep with you !
    Hey there! Sorry again for the long break, to answer your question: yes, you can use omnilights. You just need to make sure you set up the data fields right. Auttenation should start around 80 and end around 200. These are just round numbers - you can alter them some, but too high end auttenation will give strange artifacts. Intensity should be somewhere between 5 to 15 (i use 8). Type should be omnidirectional (important!). If it still doesn't work, you may want to inspect the bone you attached it to. Remember that it's always possible to add omnilights in magos model editor after you've exported the model.

    EDIT: By the way, nice work on the map! I will check it out later when i have time. Keep it up! :)

    EDIT2: Checked your new gameplay screens, and i'm not a huge fan of the formulation "Buy Chance to Kick Down Ladder".... just name it something better, like "Attempt Ladder Kick". People will notice that it costs money anyways, but saying that you're "buying" it just looks odd.
    I really like your triggered spells. Very good job on them.
    The Sindar Spearman addition is nice too.
    Your map is really getting polished with all these changes, and I really think that you've done an excellent job for the last few updates.
    An altered wrc3 story campaign focused on an abandoned Lordaeron Brigade at Dalaran after the events of The Froze Throne campaign.
    Well I realy need the Bandit model with the spear, like he use it against cavalry, like the pikeman of uruk hai mayded by Fingolfin that you used in the Helms Deep map, can you do it ? it woould be so nice!
    Also id like to have banners for all the faction, rohan, gondor, elves .... i can give you the images if it help? is this too much too ask? I want this banners with the stick than i can make them attachable to the units back ....
    No, i will not upload them to any resources be sure, I dont need that ! Thank you so much to share them with me, ill tell you in this days what I need ok? now Im realy busy ((

    Can I ask you if you can make models that I realy need but cant find ? by your own I think you are good model maker, is this too much ?
    oh i have a lot of space and i know how to retexture ... can you send me open map ? it would be great !
    It is pretty fun! I had one issue at the end with the cinematic. Théoden suddenly stopped during the charge out of the castle and it stuck like that. Now I was using the whosyourdaddy cheat so that might have messed something up. Other than that I enjoyed it, looks very good. Though I do have a question, when you go through the door to the inner walls can you go back out? I tried and it seemed like it was a one way door.
    Hey herb, sorry i haven't been responding lately. I recently broke up with my girlfriend and things have been tough. The new gate looks awesome, no wonder since the textures were kinda meant to go together. I don't like the new walkways though, like you said yourself, they are a bit bland. One thing i'd like for this map is a ladder system, where you have to place ladders (and heroes can kick them down). Other helms deep maps have this, but i can understand if it is a bit dodgy to create on your own. Gonna try the new version later on.
    I'm sorry I haven't responded to you for the past few days. I simply haven't had enough time to test your map because school has now started for me, and I didn't want to reply before I tested your map. However, since homework is pretty heavy, I just wanted to tell you that I am currently looking for some free time during which I could test your map, and that when I do test it, I will get back to you.
    Sorry again.
    ahahA...No it's okay... thank you! you really make it great I can't say anything on it. For sure I really Like the terrain.. and the game play..

    BTW.. you optimized your map form now on! thanks
    It's so good! I love what you did with the map. Your terraining is amazing, and you've really captured the feeling of Helm's Deep with it. I love the atmosphere you've made, and the War Medallions system is cool. I love how you made models for this; it really shows your dedication.
    I really like this update. Nice job.
    I just tried your map - quite possibly the best map of its kind so far. Here's the good:

    - The terrain looks flawless, and i like how you've incorporated sound in many ways.
    - The quality of the music is great.
    - Siege AI is a huge plus.
    - You had plenty of in-game hints. Too bad some of them were too late (like the gimli/aragorn gate barricade hint).
    - The pathing seems to work very well.

    And here's the bad:

    - Some heroes have very few active abilities. The elves, specifically, have one at best. While this was handy for me when playing alone, i can imagine it would get boring in a 12 player game.
    - Most of the abilities were rather plain, vanilla spells. Gimli was essentially just a reskinned mountain king. I wish you could add some more colorful custom ones with cool effects. The ones i think you should keep are: Summon Rohirrim, Multishot (passive), Kings Inspiration, since these are useful. For the rest, just try playing some AoS maps to get good ideas for spells. I can recommend "Monolith", it has very creative design.
    - Again, the shops inside the keep are a bit camouflaged into the scenery, and i actually forgot about using them at all.
    - The camera doesn't keep its position if you zoom or spin it. You should have a periodic 0.03 second timer which sets it to a distance and rotation specified in a variable for each player, and update this variable everytime you want to change the camera range or rotation.
    I am home at my parents place this week, so i'm trying to spend more time with my family and less with the computer, but i will write some feedback on the map as soon as i have time!
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