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    Will Gaias ever be a real game?

    How about real life even? Dooooh I even used "revenge" and "shild bash" few times... Damn... I wanted to be magician :( But atleast I can save pandas and kids in Africa :)
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    Rare Spawns

    Magnataur spawns near cave boss entrance and circle arround. Spawn is pretty rare... sometimes it happens faster.. some times it may take 2 hrs for 1 rare to spawn. If there is no rare spawn in new are, dont go die.. just check other spawns: gnoll to the right from mytargras city & treant...
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    [Suggestion] Decrease the levelling speed

    So guy who dont play gaia for long time, and guy who quited gaia, argue about useless change to the game... How Awesome...
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    [Suggestion] Decrease the levelling speed

    (smigol's voice): Stream? Woot's dat Traesure?
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    [Suggestion] Decrease the levelling speed

    Now I know who dowloads Hentai...
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    [Suggestion] Decrease the levelling speed

    Try to go outside, maybe date a girl(with manners ofc).. problems will be solved ;)
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    [Suggestion] Decrease the levelling speed

    Dude, what's the problem to level slower? You get less xp once u got higher lvl, so you can lvl on mobs 3-4 lvl lower than you and poooof here you got slower leveling... No reason to annoy forumers with wish list.
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    [Suggestion] Decrease the levelling speed

    Cos peoples have free will and individual taste ;) Personaly I dislike only those, who try to force their point of view to others...
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    [Suggestion] Decrease the levelling speed

    What's the problem to keep playing there? You get minimum xp, once you ding 2-3 lvls.. not a big difference to difficoulty(just dont use item gifts from friends), and u can stay there all day long ;)
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    Gaia model

    This model was used in legion td in one of v.2. Haven't You quit? ;)
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    Bug?) Helios' Blazing Eyes

    Zongo Goku xD
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    A preview of upcoming new abilities (and changes to existing abilities)

    If psion go for psionis staff it means no off hand/extra item or there will be optional 5th item slot for non offhand psions?
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    1.2C drop list

    Our bard stole it twice in just 2 fight from seer. I doubt u killed himm 100 times, but I suggest less focus on loot and bad luck will pass ;p
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    Is it possible to kill overseer with 3 players?

    Sometimes golem moves to overseet position, just like when fight reset or attempt to hit one of minions, and wont stop untill hit it, regardles of agro bar. These are 2 rare exceptions I've notice, dont have reply tho, sorry Z.
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    Is it possible to kill overseer with 3 players?

    We tryed it Bish / Psi / Zerker took seer to 40-43% b4 first mass teleport, quiet easly, golem phase went smooth aswell, too bad our bishop had desync :( (important to use pain link(20% extra dmg) and zerker roar +25%dmg, once he stack full berserker rage) phase 1: fell nova tanked by zerker or...