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Oct 17, 2018
Feb 7, 2015


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hauw was last seen:
Oct 17, 2018
    1. Wark
      I was wondering, are you interested in testing my beta map for the FotN remake?
    2. BiroN
      I found the chapter 7 black merchant. He's in the Rodhni pond. I found him in the middle of the day at 12:00 game time after accepting 'Save Sean' quest. Now we can actually make the DemonSphere!
    3. BiroN
      I actually killed him once because there was one death knight left but I couldn't find him.... so I kept fighting Uummut until I killed him, then he came back with twice the health and damage :D
    4. Daffa the Mage
      Daffa the Mage
      No worries, hope you're okay :)
    5. BiroN
      Oh yes I found him after a struggle :D Indeed it's a pain.

      What about Uummut? Any ideas? He's quite deadly :D
    6. BiroN
      Also, where is the chapter 7 black merchant? I went everywhere! I even looked up a walkthrough and he wasn't there.
    7. Daffa the Mage
      Daffa the Mage
      How're you friend?
    8. BiroN
      Very well. Thanks. I'll give them a shot and I'll let you know :)
    9. BiroN
      Very well then... thanks a lot :-)
      Any idea how I can beat the ch 9 and 10 epic bosses? They're a real pain.. since they regenerate faster than I can deal damage. I'm playing on hard now.
    10. Daffa the Mage
      Daffa the Mage
      And they are ones that tend to bring destruction, since they wish to see people suffer the same way they did.
    11. Daffa the Mage
      Daffa the Mage
      By far they're ones that I disliked, people like him ruins life for others.
      There are some trolling attempts that I actually do laugh at, but most of time, I dislike trolls.

      Edit :
      Yeah, he do need some really hard bashing. I wonder if he truly learns by now.
    12. Daffa the Mage
      Daffa the Mage
      Don't worry, since I'm used to it, I start to control my emotion well with each troll I dealt with :)
      No problems :)
    13. Daffa the Mage
      Daffa the Mage
      Accepted the friend request :)
      He quite reminds me of some other people like him I met in the past.
    14. Daffa the Mage
      Daffa the Mage
      I'm aware of your purpose, he's a VERY annoying person.
      I myself was willing to go aggressive, but I decided to go civil and chill down :)
    15. Daffa the Mage
      Daffa the Mage
      Yeah, pretty much Staff knows his behaviors.
      No worries, I'm glad and happy that none of the Staff gives you any negative reputation :)
    16. Daffa the Mage
      Daffa the Mage
      Alright :)
      I'm doing this for your own good, not mine :>
    17. Daffa the Mage
      Daffa the Mage
      And Daffa sorry about this post, that dipshit deserves this.
      No worries, though keep it civil, okay? :)
    18. Daffa the Mage
      Daffa the Mage
      Thanks :)
      At least the thread isn't derailed much :)
    19. Daffa the Mage
      Daffa the Mage
      I know, but I suggest at least take it to Private or Visitor instead of the thread :)
    20. Daffa the Mage
      Daffa the Mage
      Now i understand why everyone treats you with disrespect.
      You can't appreciate the hard work of other authors. Even worse, you felt entitled to down rate just because you cannot be bothered to wait a minute or two.

      You only hear things you wanted to hear and say things you wanted to say regardless of the circumstances, without consideration of others, and stomping on another person as you see fit.

      Also, you saw the world in black or white.
      If others treat you with disrespect, you blame them as assholes, you saw them as the culprit, the ones who should be blamed.
      You justified your behavior and view yourself as the victim, without realization that you treat others the same way.
      It goes cycles and cycles. So i suppose i am right that some person are born just to spread their bitter antagonism.
      Hey there, Chill down. There's no need to go aggressive over people who won't listen anyway >.>
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