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    War3 Model Editor v1.00

    wow..this makes wc3viewer like a stone-age tool.... awesome
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    Mini Tutorial: Head UVWunwrapping

    aww great one...thanks...but uv mapping is an annoying thing anyway....
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    How do i make a successful UV mapping ?

    ...the problem is, im using 3dsmax to model but never learn how to do uv-mapping with it.... lol i guess i need more tutorial....sad...
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    How do i make a successful UV mapping ?

    well this was my problem since long long time now i started again to model, and it is still my problem... im using the uv mapping features in vertex modifier, but it doesnt have the function to mirror!!!...... and anyway unwrapping/wrapping body parts like face, legs, chest, doesnt give a...
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    Taking Spell Requests.

    spell request: 1. Arcane Missile Type: Arrow effect, Autocast Description: Fires a missile of pure energy. Decrease enemy's physical resistance by -1 armor and magical resistance by -5%. This effect lasts 10 secs, and is stackable till -4 armor, -20% magic resistance. Mana cost...
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    I ask you for a favour

    whoever who think up this idea, should be fired immediately. Its a nonsense calling a game MMORPG if they apply server boundaries to it i see all of their arguments are simply unreasonable. Other MMORPGs like FF or CoH work well even without this silly server restriction. Payment should also...