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    Lord of the Clans

    Hello, big fan of your campaigns here, I really admire your work. I finished all 3 of them some time in 2013-2014, and now I accidentaly stumble upon the Campaigns section, and see them all updated massively :D looking forward to replaying Lord of the Clans
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    WC3 Theme Maker v1.0 - 2016

    Program is buggy and makes my warcraft 3 unable to launch whenever i try using a custom theme. Only works to launch when I revert it to the original theme. Also why does the program mess so much with my registry? Right now i will stick to wc3 styler even tho it doesnt provide stuff like changing...
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    Kinda, My easy workaround is just to open the programs' UI.mpg file with some MPG viewer and replace some of the UIs with the ones you want, then launch the program and select them
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    Jungle Trolls Reborn

    Maybe it's just used to track how many quests are completed, so maybe for example if 7 mana ( 7 quests completed), he says some dialogue lines, that would be my guess. Oh and also, ITT means Island Troll Tribes
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    Northrend Bound v1.85

    Hello, I just found out about your map today, and great work congrats. But i was confused with the trading part. In original FOTN, goods had info on them in which cities they were cheap and in which they were expensive. For example furs were cheap in the north, but expensive in south, and info...
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    Warcraft III - Patch 1.28.1

    So there is no way to download this patch and launch it offline? :((
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    Jungle Trolls Reborn

    There is still a hardcore several years old clan called Sunny_Trolls playing jungle trolls reborn daily, atm there are like 5-10 consistent players, but it's a bit hard to get in touch with them, i am a member too though. The clan is situated on Garena, which no longers lets u play wc3 but it...
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    Active WC3 Clans and Groups

    Nope garena did that way back in 2014, when they decided that warcraft 3 isn't so important to them since the DotA community switched over to Dota 2, and btw i did not expect such a quick reply on this thread xD
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    Active WC3 Clans and Groups

    Garena Clan: Sunny Trolls clan id: 24743, literally the only place i know of where you can find someone to play Jungle Trolls Reborn with, even thought you cant play wc3 on garena anymore, the garena messenger and clan system is very useful, they play using entbot and eurobattle/ battlenet. I...
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    Favorite Video Game Character

    Nameless hero from the rpg series 'Gothic'
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    Hive Multiplayer Accounts

    harooooo - (main) harooooo - Garena
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    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) epic map

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) epic map
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    hi just wanna say i love evo tag but i found a bug in hero stats, it says agility gives 1 armor...

    hi just wanna say i love evo tag but i found a bug in hero stats, it says agility gives 1 armor per 33 points of agi. Is it a bug or u made it extra hard for agility heroes? It's too unbalanced!
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    Legend of War: Begins

    great campaign, alot of custom models and great story, just the grammar is bad. From me 5/5 :D
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    Gnoll Kennel

    great model :D saw it alot of times playing maps on garena just didnt know the author