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    Error in Triggering Editor! Mayday Mayday...

    Hmm.. Doesn't the editor update at the same time as the normal patch? And ofcourse, the game is legal bought in a swedish store.
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    my map's making queer noises o.O

    Could be a bug/virus. I got one such when I played on one time.. Tried to reinstall everything?
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    Error in Triggering Editor! Mayday Mayday...

    Okay, trying again but now with IMAGES! Wohoo! So, does anybody know why I get these errors while I'm triggering? I've reinstalled and patched the game with the lastest patch. nr1 nr2 Please help me as I REALLY wanna continue on this! :)
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    COMPILE ERROR. Sounds like Hammer Editor Doesn't it?

    Hmm... Will test that tomorrow when I come home. Thanks for the help anyway. :)
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    How to prevent the game to pause in single player when... ?

    Think its impossible. Or you need to go to some heavy Scripting.
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    Changing the attack sound

    Well, go to the sound editor and locate the RIFLEMAN sounds. He is in the HUMAN folder. There, replace internal source with a sound from STARCRAFT. The SC Sound editor can be found on the Blizzard site. :)
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    COMPILE ERROR. Sounds like Hammer Editor Doesn't it?

    Okay, so I think this is the right forum for posting my errors. So what's the deal, huh? Well... I've been making maps for a quite long time, but now, my editor is screwing big time up! Cause when I make some triggers in the editor, and SAVES the map. It says : FAILURE TO COMPILE...
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    World Edit probs or my Comp

    EXACT SAME THING! That happens to a LOT of people with the HL2 Editor in steam.. When you compile the map and then runs it, game crashes.. :?
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    The Wacraft 3 Image Extractor 2

    Have you tried to open the .MPQ? :wink:
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    :S Sound problem

    Well, actually, he should use on the sub SOUNDS: Sound: - Play Music So use in the SOUND EDITOR, PLAY AS MUSIC.
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    The Cult of Scientology.

    So this guy made it all up? Thosen't everyone know that? Cause they have pictures about him on the walls.. So therefore they must know that the story is fake. :roll: Otherwise I think they aren't the most clever persons in the world. And how about Tom Cruise? Is he a brainwashed spy...
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    People, do you actually USE these models before you post? Cause have someone really watched this models attack animation? Great model but far to less agrassive attack animation, its an ULTRAlisk. It attacks ULTRAhard. :twisted:
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    The Cult of Scientology.

    Argh.. So this is just one of those sick brainwashing cults? And 156 countries? I REALLY don't hope my country is in it.. :?
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    Tomato Request!

    Okey.. Sorry bout that. :? But can anyone please answer the request, in the other forum?
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    Tomato Request!

    I need a model, that I cannot found, even if it most be quite easy to make. Where can I found a Tomato? Yes you heard it right, a normal tomato.