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hand of blood
Last Activity:
Oct 25, 2010
Mar 16, 2008

hand of blood

User, from Germany

hand of blood was last seen:
Oct 25, 2010
    1. ExellanS
      HI hand of blood i have a question:when or were do u post the new version of naruto builder? i have a suggestion:in the new version do u add a spell of sasuke like chidori nagashi and sharingan also i see a model of sasuke like the curse seal spell in wc3r.forumcircle.com and i see a shippuden model of gaara of that web and can u change the spell of naruto that he will be a 4tailt fox like in the shippuden movie if u have a model of it^^ & sorry that i hve soo many suggestions and questions :) TY
    2. hand of blood
      hand of blood
      thios youtso dont belongs to him
    3. kimpakim7
      I played as Shodaime and his skills is extremely bugged. And whenever i try to buy Katon Gokaoyuu it says: You already have this spell.
    4. kimpakim7
      Yea no problem! Anyway do you need any help on the map?
    5. kimpakim7
      IF your'e looking for Naruto models look here got a big variation!:D

      WarCraft Unlimited :: Index
    6. hand of blood
      hand of blood
      hmmm yes i know kisame^^ hes good in triggering like me^^
    7. arphax214
      ask kisame hes really good in triggering..hope the new version is an epic.pls edit also d terrain make it more like naruto themd..falls,rivers,w/ the madara and 1st hokage statue etc..used pandarin building it be fit to the terrain..
    8. hand of blood
      hand of blood
      for a new spell i must create a square did any one know how i can create it?
      its a spell for the first hokage
    9. hand of blood
      hand of blood
      yes i work on nan new ver with 2 new heroes but my map is on reviewed and i only work on the new ver when my map is acept from hiveworkshop
    10. arphax214
      hey blood any new update of your map?
    11. Genjou
      Hi blood i have sasori model and sasuke seal and sakura i can give it to u
    12. Septimus


      From this link, it seem you had multi post several times. If you want to add anything to your post before somebody post a next comment on it, I suggest you to use the edit function instead of multiply posting it.

      If you are caught doing the same offense again, you might be punish by the hiveworkshop staff who are in charge of the section. By the time you been punish, please do not said the staff did not warn you regarding about it.

      Thank you for your cooperation.
    13. Junkface
      Hey if you want peeps to be attracted to your map you should ask for help with the correct writing and good description of the skills. If you want I can try and help you with that. :D
    14. PeinAkat
      hey I got some wc3 naruto models and btw where are you from?
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    Kirin Tor
    Computer singing in the school band and chill with friends


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