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    Realistic Airplane System

    Even although I don't understand anything about JASS, I easily implemented it on a map. Thanks! Very nice stuff.
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    Gulf War1.3.1 Desert Storm

    I wonder if anyone who played this map is still around. I have been planning to do a total rebalance of gameplay and re-release this map.
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    Warcraft Adventures is now playable

    Well this is somewhat disappointing. I remember getting extremely hyped when I watched the original trailer decades ago, it looked much darker and more serious, and the final product is very light-hearted. But better late than never I guess...
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    WW3: Nuclear Sunrise v1.34

    Go to the south pole, you will find a base protected by some turrets. Destroy the turrets, and get your infantry inside the base. If you are able to explore the entire cave, you will find the BFG 9000 and the T-Virus there.
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    What are you gonna do when it's the end of warcraft .

    Assemble a team of the biggest motherfuckers of modeling and scripting that ever existed on this community, and make Warcraft 4 as an indie game on Unreal 4 Engine, and put it on Steam.
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    Real hack n' slay system?

    So, basically an action game, like God of War? Well, you can remove the main attack and give your hero an ability based on firebolt, so the player would need to press a button and click on the enemy on every attack. Another option would make the player an "ally" of the enemy player. This would...
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    yeah, six years ago... These were good ol' times, weren't?

    yeah, six years ago... These were good ol' times, weren't?
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    WW3: Nuclear Sunrise v1.34

    Good news. I fixed the bugs with aircraft ammo, improved some stuff, and added better tooltips explaining unit health, damage, range, and speed. Expect an update soon.
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    [Shooting / FPS] Doom - Knee Deep In Warcraft

    They are DIRECT links. When you click them you are not redirectioned to Imageshack's website. You open the image at full size in your browser. Dude, did you even tried to click the link? Anyway, I am gonna edit the post and use
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    [Shooting / FPS] Doom - Knee Deep In Warcraft

    These are direct links. By clicking them you are not going to a third party website.
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    [Shooting / FPS] Doom - Knee Deep In Warcraft

    Point and Click Shoot 'em Up 6 Players Unprotected: Yes Progress: Near completion. Just searching for bugs. Description Hello everyone! After 3 years away in the Doom modding scene, I am finally back to release my old projects that I hadn't finished before leaving. Knee Deep In Warcraft...
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    The scariest game you've ever played

    Doom 3 and FEAR 2.
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    War Craft 3/Frozen Throne Beta

    dat knight....