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Ham Ham
Last Activity:
Sep 30, 2018
Oct 2, 2006
Nov 30, 1990 (Age: 29)

Ham Ham

aka Sergeant_Mark_IV, 29, from Brazil

Ham Ham was last seen:
Sep 30, 2018
    1. HFR
      You does not [ECXIST!
    2. -LwO-EdGaRd
      Your terrains are awsome can you be my terrainer? :P
    3. Ham Ham
      Ham Ham
      everyone wants to be like me =D
    4. Billy the Cat
      Billy the Cat
      Let us take revenge!
    5. HFR
      I'll kill da hamstah!!!
    6. HFR
      Hamtaroooooo.... Here I goooo....

    7. pomelito123
      Lol, Hamtaro......
    8. HailFireer
    9. Billy the Cat
    10. Death_bringer_2
      That's cool. Hit me up when it's finished :)
    11. Death_bringer_2
      Yup, I'm still alive.

      New builder? What's new about it?
    12. Ham Ham
      Ham Ham
      My computer is fucked up! Can't ansewer/post anything for a while!!!
    13. Ham Ham
      Ham Ham
      My computer is fucked up! Can't ansewer anything for a while!!!
    14. Zombie
      Actually, I lost some countries, not conquered some lol. Does that result in power loss? I didn't get a power low message anyway.

      About units going neutral, I got that with infantry too once. Some random people were attacking Saudi-Arabia and they just went neutral.

      I hope you'll remove those trees from South America soon, I'm eager to play the map again.
    15. Zombie
      Dude, I have an update on the bugs mentioned earlier, plus a few new ones spotted. I tested the game in 1v1, vs a bot, NATO vs. Commies mode:

      -As the game turns into 2013, the game gets bugged. You can't produce anything with Saudi-Arabia and South Korea any longer. For example, if you click on a worker production icon, the game automatically deselects the Town hall and the production won't start.

      -Some units randomly go neutral. I have no idea what might cause it. For example, I've been fighting a group of enemies and the APCs suddenly turned neutral. Also, when I capture an enemy country, it tends to randomly turn neutral aswell.

      -When I scroll over South America, the game laggs up terribly. I think you have some kind of faulty material or something planted there, as the rest of the map goes flawlessly.

      These are just the most major issues, some smaller bugs (like DISBTNs don't come up, mispelled names, typos) tend to come up aswell.
    16. Zombie
      Okay, thanks.
    17. Zombie
      Dude, the game kinda... died when I stepped into 2013. AI went off and I couldn't produce anything. Is that on purpose?
    18. Billy the Cat
    19. Kalashnikov
      Koee =] Blzz? Eh O Vitor akee kaopkpskoa"
    20. Billy the Cat
      Billy the Cat
      Make a hamster group instead
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    Nov 30, 1990 (Age: 29)
    Current Project:
    World War 3 Nuclear Sunrise
    Knee Deep In Warcraft
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    Kirin Tor
    FPS, Gym, Boxing, Bicicle, listening to Rock, etc...
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