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    Zombie Trap

    I know it sucks. This is my first map and I am very inexperienced. Also, thanks for the Memory Leaks tip, WherewolfTherewolf. I'd appreciate if some moderator would destroy this page.
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    Zombie Trap

    I also forgot to add that the game ends when the human race is exterminated by the zombie horde. This means that when time runs out, all players die. Commands are available via in-game help in the quests menu.
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    Zombie Trap (Map)

    Like most zombie maps, when you die, you get replaced by a zombie. There is a built in shop where you can do things like replenish your character's life. Just say "-shop" in-game. Keywords: Zombies
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    Zombie Trap (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    Quick Colorizer v1.0

    This works pretty well on Mac OS X. Nice.
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    BLP Tools 0.1 (v2)

    I've said this before: I just love it when PC users comment in a Mac-only application that they want a version for Windows. If you would look in the tools list, it would show a "Finder" logo indicating it's for Mac. Besides, you PC users have more tools. As for this application: I'm having...
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    DropMPQ 0.6 (v8)

    I like comments made by PC users to things that are released for Mac only. I thought you PC users have more tools for this. It works. I like it.
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