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    High Elf Mage + High Elf Sorceress without Tiara icon

    No, they are not, in fact the High Elf ones doesn't load at all, which is sad, I also don't want to mess with the game cause Blizz doesn't like people doing that (e.g. the Private Servers for old wow expansions being removed and WoW Classic being added) so I was wondering how to fix that, the...
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    High Elf Mage + High Elf Sorceress without Tiara icon

    Hello, I've run into an issue with your updated Female Blood Mage model, the updates you made to it, aren't rendering and remaining just a white slate instead of having their proper coloring. Can you please inform me how to fix this?
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    Prince Kael with fixed armor and animations

    He was missing a spell animation, thanks for restoring it.
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    HotS Sun King Kael'thas Sunstrider + alts

    Ironic how the HotS model for Kael'thas is better than the Reforged model from Warcraft 3
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    A Good Icon for a Model
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    Gunslinger Officer

    Would love a Reforged version and Female Version (Both This and Reforged Styled) for the game, I love this model. 10/10 original design.
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    A beautiful design, capturing the essence of Brann Bronzebeard (before Wrath's model) and show casing that Warcraft 3 isn't just about paladins and shamans and necromancers, but also about Adventure. Shame no one made a Reforged version, I dearly want one. but still 12/10.
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    [HD/Modeling] Adventurer Models

    Hello people good an creating models out there, I am in need of a few Adventurer models, both Male and Female (and yes Human with an insistence on Blue Eyes and Black Hair) I would like this model to have the following (as I can't create models myself, and I will credit the model creator/s in...