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  • The system will look up the folder "Musics" by default in your Warcraft III directory. Looks the name "Test-1", "Test-2", etc until it doesn't find the next song.
    Hey, where is your avatar from, which series, move, ... ?
    Other people made such systems and they require local files to be turned on or something like that. You would be better off asking one of the developers of such a system to do it.

    There should be libraries to handle all that for you. You basically shove to code to them and it should be dumped.
    Good morning, how are you? Hope you're okay, if not, will improve.
    Playing wow? If so, what server? Let me know that we can combine to assemble a double and / or teams to arenas.
    Well... technically, there is a way, but it will take many time. You can set the int of the unit as a value, convert this value as it were the life or mana of another unit, and them calculate percentages of life ._.
    Lol you don't want nothing xD(got the sarcasm?). Well seems like the only problematic point is to increase the in by percentage, was that even possible? apart from that, this is really easy whit some dummies and basic GUI. Gonna look if there is a vanilla spell that increases stats by percentages.
    You now? I never made powerfull enought spells to be posted here, just some basic stuff... But if you still thing I can be usefull... PD:Were the heck did you discovered that I now about spells? (even if a little)
    I'm leaving because it's getting late and my time in lan're done. Good night.
    Ah ok, we will talk more tommorow. I'll go have some sleep.

    Where're you from?

    Of course it does :))
    Well, I guess I can be your second hand terrainer or smth (I like when the terrain looks pretty).
    Check out my map and look at it's terrain (tile combination :D)
    Actually idk lol

    I can make a spell or 2 (if I have an idea I guess...)
    I'm pausing now, I don't feel like WE-ing atm...
    Why, u need help on smth?
    Thanks for the invite, but unfortunately I'm no good at the actual coding part of spellmaking. If you need spell/item suggestions I'll be happy to provide.
    I'm fine. I will create a account in skype and Garena. You play a game?WoW?DotA?
    Well, that's the only picture I actually ended up looking good somewhat lol

    And why shy? lol, I don't care if I look horrible sometimes and other watch it hh
    Alright most people use to set very specific demands on what I'm upposed to write but this works fine too. And on Skype my username is lowe257.
    Yes and you must understand that i feel that the possibility of you finishing this project is small when you are both new members to the hive, with a low reputation and you are seeking 3 additional members to your team, however your friend sent me interesting data on your map and if they're true and your current content is not too bad I'll considering joining you. As for what I've seen of the terrain I must say it's good for a first time project.
    Hmm. Perhaps I should have mentioned that I'm actually Australia-born Chinese/Vietnamese. So, my mother is Chinese and my father is Vietnamese, but I was born in Australia. Therefore, I am actually Australian but my ethnicity would be that of Chinese/Vietnamese. I would think that is more informative, because I definitely do not want to be viewed as a caucasian Australia o_o
    Oof, you're pretty much the opposite of me. :p
    I'm an smtowner, Super Junior, f(x), SNSD, TVXQ, BoA, etc. but also Infinite, A-jax, JJ Project, ...
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