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  • I don't know what it's about. But if you feel it might be a useful tutorial just give it a try.^^
    Yay! You got in to the PRS. <3

    Please post in the discussions there if you have time, the group is dying.
    Hi. :)

    I guess so, but gui does by far not allow as much flexebility as jass, so it could turn into ugly and long code.

    Furthermore he uses 2 other resources which do work for him, in gui you would need to script it all yourself which is again more pain³.

    Libraries like he did are supposed to be easy imported. You only have to learn it once how to use it, and then there you go.
    People share their libraries so you don't have to write same systems over and over again... so we must use it. :p

    So finaly I think your answer sound "yes", but might be much some work and result in huge and ugly code.
    Better would maybe be to try to get his system work and when problems occur directly to ask him to help to implement it.
    Is the scorescreen logo for Tauren you requested supposed to be icon sized?
    Hi :)

    You may update it until deadline, yes. Or you may just post it later, depens on you. :)

    If you wanna upload it now you could just note it as entry but maybe also side note that you might update it until deadline.
    No problem :)

    Command doesn't work if you write exactly what is printed to spawn units. :)
    I guess you also will adjust the tooltip to the correct values?
    And a small tip: only use variable[array] if it's really needed. Else try to avoid them. I won't tell you exactly where I mean, but you will find out yourself if you check triggers. :csmile:
    Also it's always cool when the testing is as easy and simple as possible.

    Good luck! Let's see how many final entries we will get there :thumbs_up:
    Gray... pero, Gray talaga siya bago lagyan ng team color, gusto mo mag activate nalang ng custom TC?

    Object Editor > Units > Art - Allow Custom TC & Art - Team Color (Black)

    Pero lalagyan ko ng red yung gilid.
    I appoligize for the long wait for your request. I hope it's not too late for it. CakeMaster offered to make it for you:)
    Yes, it's ok. Me personaly would maybe just import a finished system because it will shrink your code.

    I would import this:

    I guess you know how to import a jass code? If not:
    1.[c] Create new GUI trigger.[r]
    2.[c] Convert the trigger into custom text.[r]
    3.[c] Delete everything in it.[r]
    4.[c] Copy & Paste the vJASS code into it --> done.[/stable]

    If you have done so you just can use it for killing trees like this:

    [stable]Destructible - Pick every destructible within 256.00 of Point and do (Actions)
    Schleifen - Aktionen
    Custom script: call KillTree(GetEnumDestructable())

    So you would need a custom script to call the function of the imported library, but it checks automatically if it's a tree or not.

    And there are more systems out there, but it's not really important which you use it they make your life easier and worsk properly. :csmile:

    <span style="font-size: 18px">Edit: </span>

    Hi! btw :D
    Samin isang araw lang kaso dahil hindi ako sanay, lumipat muna kami ng San Juan na parang 8 hours lang walang kuryente tapos meron na agad. Wala nga lang connection at internet.

    So far, wala namang baha samin.
    I think it is I am Legionaire. not sure, just check the thread to be sure. Also have some patience, the workshop is a bit slow, I'm away from it a bit and I left 2 of my members in place, check the first page to know.

    Create an aura ability, which is either passive, active or toggle. The aura can affect yourself and your allies, your enemies or everyone in your presence.
    Your concept:

    [stable]1. [c]Active, passive or toggle[c]: Yes. (active)[r]
    2. [c]Your aura hast to affect[c]: Bearer + allies or enemies or everyone in your presence.[/stable]

    So ensure you also follow the second point. And I also quote rules:

    The spell can be of any type, active/passive/toggle/single target/area of effect (and any of the previous combined).
    So AoE is allowed.
    Hahaha, I knew it would happen, mostly the users are Jassers anyway tho.
    We are all allowed to vote but not your own entry. Your vote with your own entry will not be counted.
    Yeah, no problem at all actually it's just someone reported you because of the tone that your review gives.
    Hey, just a little note. When you are reviewing a resource, don't forget to add "Vote for" as a form of respect to the user.
    Hey! It's sad that Adiktuz has been away for a while, you can't join the group for the meantime. Have a nice day however.
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