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    impressive, really well done, especially like the head 5/5!
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    I had exactly the same probs when I converted an interface I made with wc3viewer, some parts just wouldn't show up... I then tried to convert them with blplab, and it magically worked.
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    The Night Wish

    I myself like the fact that it has no dialogue at all, because like the description already says, it's kinda a "music video" for the nightwish song "Nemo". Very nice cinematic, 5/5!
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    The New Hive

    I love that guys who really though it would be made^^ "No, plz don't remove rep" ;)
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    Are You going to Sell your maps?

    But will they make the maps premium automatically or will you have a choice? (I hope you have a choice...)
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    Zwiebelchen's Threat System 2.7

    Amazing work, I can think of so many maps which definitively need this =) 5/5
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    WOOT, it's arthas, RUN!!! 5/5, perfect model!
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    SupCom: White Fire (v21)

    epic gameplay, had to play it a few times to understand it's mechanics, but it's really really fun =) 5/5
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    The Mag'har Orcs

    Total pwnage =) I just <3 the shaman guy 5/5
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    Hi guys

    Hi, I'm GurkenKinG, you can also just call me gurke. I also have a first question in this Tread, hope that's allowed. Is there a way to give the sorceress model the cleric attack animation, because animtransfer can't do this. I want to do this because a flying sorceress looks bad for want to...