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    NFT Scam

    This is your chance to pay him back for his hard work, "Retera the billionaire" in 2022 lets make it happen boys!
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    Frost Giant RTS Editor Plans & Feedback

    Hey man, just do your best to deliver an editor that is at least just as good as wc3's World Editor, it should be able to reproduce any wc3 custom map perfectly 1:1 If you keep updating new tools/features into the editor to let us make any kind of custom map genre we want then it would be...
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    Microsoft acquires Activision Blizzard

    We're back baby, the future is now!
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    HotS Cho'gall Coop system and Abathur Symbiote system (Map)

    type -go as player red and you can start testing I reproduced Chogall & Abathur's unique gameplay style from HotS Chogall is a single hero controlled by 2 players, Cho can move and use spells of his own while Gall just has to use his long ranged spells independently of Cho, killing Chogall...
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    Cho Gath Abathur hero (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    HotS Nexus Captain Hero

    looks great man, can we get Cho'Gall next?
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    Good riddance, now the head of the snake Bob Kot needs to follow them!
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    The Remaster Disaster - Behind the Scenes of WarCraft III Reforged

    This is not the end, there's alot of fanmade projects such as Warsmash and W3Champions and probably more in the future that will do a better job than the "once a year footsteps updates" The new team in charge of the game are taking their time but maybe it's because they're trying to work on...
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    Reforged UI Designer

    Thank you for your hard work, we dont deserve it. You became one of the last modding legends along with Retera & Triggerhappy no doubt about it.
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    Reputation (+3): (Post) Great job!

    Reputation (+3): (Post) Great job!
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    Shadow over Blackwood

    Looks promising, i got a suggestion, replace rat transformation by mist like in Castlevania and Legacy of Kain, its way cooler than a rat
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    W3X Tools

    Thanks man! great tool, is it possible to change the Angle value to be in 360 degrees format just like inside WE? Can u please make it possible to drag & drop a single war3map file without having to import the entire map?
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    Patch 1.31.1 Backup Files

    Follow my instructions in this post Patch 1.31.1 Backup Files
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    Disarm v1.06

    Why is it "awaiting update"? Great tool as always! thanks
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    Retera's Model Studio

    Very useful tool, thank you for your hard work Mr;Retera