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    League of Legends: Infinity Edge

    Looks way better than the original. Good work.
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    [vJASS] Spacebar Detection (Multiplayer)

    When I try to save, I get an error saying "User is not a type that allows . syntax" on the function OnMapStart.
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    What's this even supposed to be
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    Looks like a cut-off limb.
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    The icon works (I downloaded it to check) but every preview is black.
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    Does not look like a fist.
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    Much better.
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    It looks like a fat girl cosplaying Invoker.
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    Why is the passive icon so different?
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    This is freaky. How is this even approved, it looks like her head went through a pen sharpener...
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    Frozen Orb

    True for so many models. Good work regardless.
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    Playtesters needed for AoS-style map

    Me and some friends have created an AoS-styled map called Dogs of War, and have been tweaking it for 2 years or so now. As the title suggests, we are looking for people to play with. Send me a personal message here to gain information. We mostly play around 22:00 GMT+1. GameRanger and Skype...
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    One of the best models I have ever seen, and the size it outstanding.
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    🕹 Funmap Evening Event 🕹

    I and my friends will try to attend. We both want to play and have projects to show.