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Grey Nightmare
Last Activity:
Apr 4, 2018
Feb 24, 2009

Awarded Medals 2


Grey Nightmare

Beyond Broken, from England

Grey Nightmare was last seen:
Apr 4, 2018
    1. Dragonson
      Well, yeah. you will be slightly weaker than everyone else.
      About the event: Uhm, yes and no.
      Just VM me if you think there's a good occasion to join in. :P
    2. Dragonson
      Hehe. ;)

      Enjoy the reading. :)
    3. Dragonson
      WB Grey. :)
      Hope you had a nice time in America!

      About the RP:
      Well, currently they just won their first battle in the Black Tower Market district.
      They are about to enter the elven district due to the great amount of entity energy that is surging from there.
      The only charecters that has not yet entrely joined up with the group are yours and Alagremms.
      You might want to read up a bit yourself, but that is generally what has happened so far. ;)

      Come up with some idea of joining and send it to me.
      I will give you feedback on it and we can then have you join the action. :)
    4. Dragonson
      Tier 1 abilities for Control now unveiled. ;)
    5. Dragonson
      Welll... You see, Rafian magic is pretty flexible.
      There are no real "Magic Types", there are only people that specialise in doing specefic things with their magical abilities.
    6. Dragonson
      There are no restrictions for what kind of magic faeries can be bonded to.
    7. Dragonson
      Oh yeah, and Yes.
      Rafia is not the Origin Place of any sentinent species.
    8. Dragonson
      Yes, remnants sometimes have wings.
      But they are the same size as all other elves: Slightly lower or taller than an average human.
    9. Dragonson
      A Faerie: That would generally be an elf with a very close bond to one of the many kinds of magic.
      They're called "Remnants" in The Five Planes.
      A Brownie: As long as you send them to me in bundles of twenty or more then they are totally allowed.
      A Zombie: No, you cant exactly be a zombie. But you can be a conscious Skeleton or Half-Lich like Vall if you want to.
      Most common people will be very hostile towards you though, and you will have to have clothing covering your entire body at all times.
    10. Dragonson
      Gnome: Done before. You can be a gnome. :)
      Other Elf: Nope, only the elf races posted in the first Rafia is available.
      Wierd Human: Wat? Explain Please.
      Vampire: Taiion is a vampire. ;) So yeah, you can be a vampire.
      Goblin: No Entry.
      Troll: No Entry.
    11. Dragonson
      Progress Report? Sneak Peak?
      How's bout THIS?!
    12. Wimbo125
      Dude, you like rock and alternative, great, i'm a fan of rock music too, like the Police too, am a great fan of ACDC and Dropkick Murphys but i listen Frank Sinatra too
    13. Sgt. Johnson
      Sgt. Johnson
      Think you got the wrong guy man, I've never done any voice acting.
    14. Gyrosphinx
      Definately ^^,
    15. Dragonson
      Hehe. ^^
      No, not yet.
      But hey, i might stay up late tonight and fix the last flaws. :P
    16. Dragonson
      Thanks for showing me that. :) Wouldnt have noticed.

      On a site note, i'm going to post a new RP on the hive soon. So if you're interested, stay tuned. ;)
    17. M0rbid
      Well, I would love to contribute quite a lot to finally get something done. And now that I finally do have a tablet, I can be more creative, faster and me are given more possibilities in terms of drawing quality.
      But at the moment I'm quite busy preparing for very important medical exams on 22th of octobre and 5th of november so I cannot do to much until the second date. But however I would love to work on some concepts! Gimme everything you have and I would love to choose from that, if that's possible. This way I could get the best out of my creativity and produce the best results ;)
    18. M0rbid
      Hey, of course I'm still in.
      Just have a problem with the new human techtree, I have no program to open that file at the moment.
      Is there any other way right now?
    19. Mr.Goblin
      Thanks! finally.. :D
    20. pangahas
      I'm still on it.
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  • About

    Current Project:
    Warcraft IV - Starcraft II
    WarCraft 3 Account:
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    Kirin Tor
    Handsome (I wish)
    Brown Eyes
    Brown hair, I like it styled but usually cba... :/
    Dry sense of humour
    "Always in a world of my own..."
    Day Dreamer, through and through, hence the sig.

    Reading, Writing, Video Games, Thinking about any world other than this one... an vry recently rping
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