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Aug 26, 2011
Oct 27, 2008
Canada, ON


Dread King, from Canada, ON

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Aug 26, 2011
    1. Elfsilver Lord
      Elfsilver Lord
      Im doing your LOading Screen request. Is your project name Hero Warz or Hero Warz Dark?
    2. Billy2
      Thank you alot for the rep my friend, if you need any more help just ask me ill get back to you almost instantly :)
    3. Luckerguy
      Oh shi*. I mean 3rd ^_^
    4. SandMan
      Sure, just tell me what kind of terrain do you need.

      Go ahead now I have free time
    5. tyeeeee1
      Hey i just finished the demo of the campaign u can DL it over at the maps section, (Yes i gave you credit for the help)
    6. tyeeeee1
      Lol just noticed we have like the same thing under are usernames =)
    7. tagg1080
      you wanna keep working on it?, or what, talk to me..
    8. tagg1080
      i will be here all night, so send me what you got?
    9. iSky
      thanks for the rep and the comments =)
    10. tagg1080
      yea, mini map/loading screen and shit i was gunna wait to do, get it working first, as that is not 100% needed, but yea, will get you a loading screen by end of night, can you put it on?, not sure how to...

      hows the terrain'in going?
    11. tagg1080
      yo, you there? will send you the map in a little while, you can play with it a little more, i played with the terrain a little bit, and added some new tiles, just kinda a rough skim though, hopefully you can do it better..

      ok, so i want 6 farms total?

      just make them like 3-4 Human Farm buildings, and a barracks, maybe a town hall, then add a few units, just a little town thingee...


      when u msg back will send over the map

      i want to release an alpha by next wednesday, so need it back quick, am still working on the morale system, but it is making huge progress!
    12. bounty hunter2
      bounty hunter2
      I'l take a look then.
    13. tagg1080
      was busy today, just got home, and i think i fucked up my thumb (knife fighting at class, got it JAMMED really hard when trying to block a stab, =( , so nothing being done tonight, have a fairly good chunk of the units made, but obviously no balancing yet.. You liked the idea ehh?

      when the units are done, i will let you have it agin, kk?, you can tweak it, now ur name is on the terrain now, so a little more pressure!

      i have a friend that is part of a like 400 person DotA clan, and he said they would be happy to test it out if it actually gets any good, so we havto really work on this!!!

      tomorrow i don't havto work, so will get a LOT done, maybe tomorrow night you can add some more..

      just can't do anything with my thumb like this, it might even be broken, which would SUCK

      if you have anything to add to it, that would be apreciated...

      might email you the unit lists/trees later, if i think i am up to it, but right now i havto go EAT, so hungry...
    14. Vincent0345
      Lol, hey thanks on being the first person to view my page...
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