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Grantuu was last seen:
Aug 1, 2014
    1. Misha
      You have my "Mishawall" doodads. perhaps they can help?
    2. Misha
      I don't see how i could help there.. I'm a modeler, and models come in a map somewhere around near completion.. Oo
    3. HailFireer
      OK. I will do as much as I can. But i have school a lot right now.
    4. HailFireer
      I can do simple edits like hero glow removal and weapon removal. But I can't do geomerges (slap arthas head to a footmen for example).
      I mean if you get an animator, I could probably do other stuff.
      Also, talk to Misha. He may be interested. But that is a maybe.
    5. HailFireer
      As long as it can't die.
    6. HailFireer
      I can make models with in game textures, but I can't animate. So if you need something unanimated just say. You know attachments, doodads and stuff. But for some other stuff, you will have to find someone else.
    7. The Reborn Devil
      The Reborn Devil
      Sorry, I don't have the time :/
      I'm already in a project and I can hardly keep up there.
    8. CyberDuelX16
    9. tjordell
      Log onto skype. We talk there from
    10. krisserz
      I copied the icon by copying the image addres and by using bb code [img][/img]

      To the rep ammount
      # Reputation Power determines the number of reputation points added to other users:

      * For every 200 reputation points a user possesses, he or she adds one point to their reputation power.
      * For every 2500 posts a user possesses, he or she adds one point to their reputation power.
      * Administrators may set other reputation power modifiers.
      * The maximum amount of reputation power a user can obtain is 4.
      * Moderators can give and remove up to 12 reputation points and anywhere in between.
      * Administrators have a reputation power level of over nine thousand.
    11. krisserz
      It`s clicking [IMG]
      Here (posts) it is under user info at the left side of the post.
      At resources it`s at the top-right part.
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